Spring Knits Galleries: They’re back!

We're baaaack! You asked us to bring back the galleries, and we did.

This time, I photographed four of the sweaters from the Spring 2010 Interweave Knits on various members of my knitting group: Dinah, Patty, Kathy, Terry, Marsha, Deborah, and Audrey.

I hosted a party for the event—we all needed a glass of wine and some munchies to get us in the mood—and my friends tried on the sweaters and talked about how they would adjust them to fit their bodies, their style, and their knitting preferences.

We had a rollicking good time, too! Evidence below…

And here are some of my favorite quotes from the evening:

"If we're going to take our measurements, I need another glass of wine!"

"Can you Photoshop Angelina Jolie's face onto my body?"

"I think I've been making my sweaters too big." (I love this one! My friends thought some of the sweaters would be too small, but they all fit just about everyone.)

"Why'd you have to fatten us up with all these goodies right before we have our pictures taken?"

And my most favorite: "Hey, Kath! Those snickerdoodles aren't going to get cooked sitting on top of the oven!"

The sweater patterns we're showcasing this time are Mona's Jacket, the Seaweed Cardigan, the Braided Hood Tunic, and the Transverse Cardigan, so sit back and enjoy the Spring 2010 Interweave Knits Galleries!



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