Spring Chill Shawl

  1. What was the inspiration for your submitted pattern?

I took a class on lace shawl design and I was playing around during one of the early assignments, which was to translate written directions into charts.  I was charting a snowflake design from a stitch dictionary and then I swatched it and it looked like a flower more than a snowflake to me, so I improvised some leaves to make a simple flower.  It became the basis of the shawl.

       2. Was the design process smooth or did you run into any struggles?

After my initial idea, I played around a lot with the placement of the motifs and the transition between the three patterns I wanted to use.  I swatched and redrew charts many times, trying to get the right balance of lace and solid space.  My motifs had different sized repeats initially, so I also played with how they looked when I added more or less stockinette between individual motifs.  I also tried three different yarns before I found one I really liked.  I wanted the whole shawl to have the feeling of early spring, when things start to grow but the air can still be icy.

        3. What was the most valuable lesson you learned along the way?

Swatch, and then swatch some more.  Even though I could "see" the design on the chart, it looked very different in real yarn.  And yarn on the skein looked different than it did when made into lace.

         4.  What materials are required to complete this pattern? 

Size 5 circular needles, fingering weight yarn (I used KnitPicks Diadem Fingering), some removable stitch markers, tools for blocking.

The free download for the pattern and more pictures can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/spring-chill-shawl

Even more pictures, including some of my swatches and charts are here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/HeddiCraft/spring-chill-shawl

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