Spring 2018 Knitting Trends to Take You into Warmer Weather

Here at Interweave, we love fashion. And although most of the designs in our knitting magazines are timeless classics, we do stay abreast of trends in the fashion world and incorporate them into our issues. One of the great things about fashion is that there are always a bunch of things trending at once, so if a particular style doesn’t work for you (for example, I don’t love all the sheer stuff that’s so popular right now), there are plenty of other knitting trends to choose from!

If you’re searching for some spring style inspiration, look no further! We’ve gathered up a few of our favorite spring trends and found knitting patterns to match them. Read on to find a trend that works for you, then cast on for a fashionable garment or accessory for spring and summer!

knitting trends for warm weather

Bring some of your favorite garden hues into your wardrobe with this trend! Clockwise from left: Mount Kailash Wrap, Vinyasa Cardigan, Cherry Blossom Cardigan. Photos by George Boe.

Victorian Gardens

Inspired by roses and their foliage, this trend relies on luscious hues of pink and green. Mix several shades of claret, rose, and pink-peach in a single garment or add touches of celadon and moss to these floral hues to grow your own garden. Bring some rose-colored designs into your wardrobe with the Mount Kailash Wrap, the Cherry Blossom Cardigan, or the Vinyasa Cardigan.

knitting trends for warmer weather

Get comfy with the athleisure trend! Clockwise from left: Marblehead Poncho, Waves of Peace Tunic, Dartmouth Tunic. Photos by Harper Point Photography and George Boe.

Go with the Flow

Hot on the heels of fashion’s popular “athleisure” trend, most European and New York designers are showing garments with lots of ease and drape. Knitters can achieve this relaxed look by using needles one or two sizes larger than those called for on the yarn ball band or by choosing drapey silhouettes. To get on this trend, try the Dartmouth Tunic, the Waves of Peace Tunic, or the Marblehead Poncho.

knitting trends for warmer weather

Embrace your sporty side in comfortable tees and tanks with feminine touches. Clockwise from left: Sunbird Top, Blocker Tank, Metalmark Top. Photos by Harper Point Photography and George Boe.

To a Tee

Just in time for warmer weather, Fashion Avenue is featuring comfy, sporty basics. Expect simple straight lines, bold stripes, and springy, lightweight knits. Think “borrowed from the boys” but with a feminine touch, such as a soft neckline or delicate trim. Try this super-fun trend with the Sunbird Top, the Metalmark Top, or the Blocker Tank.

How are you embracing spring trends in your knitting? Are you into athleisure or are you crazy for Victorian gardens? Let us know in the comments!

Happy trendy knitting!

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