Spring 2008 Knits Preview: Glam for Every Gal

It's an Interweave tradition: Whenever a new issue is ready, a few of us gather for what we fondly call "Story Time." Since there is usually only one "proof" copy, we pull our chairs close together around the lucky person holding the One Copy, who carefully, sloooowwwllly turns the pages and shows them around to a crowd as rapt as any listening to the adventures of The Velveteen Rabbit. For some of us, like me, this is our first peek at the new Interweave Knits; for others, who have worked on the magazine in bits and pieces, this is their chance to see the final, gorgeous product of all their hard work.

Hexacomb Cardigan

Today, it's your turn. The Spring 2008 Knits Preview is up, and so I invite you to pull the preview up in another window, and join me for a little walk through knitting wonderland.

There is absolutely nothing frumpy here in Spring Knits land. There is only pretty, pretty, and more pretty. Silhouettes are feminine (perhaps even a bit flirty!), and details add depth and glamour enough to delight a red-carpet hopeful.

In fact: Stop the presses! What a great idea. I'd LOVE to see some handknits on the red carpet at the Oscars this year! Anyone have Cate Blanchett's email addy?

I'm serious. Wouldn't Cate look stunning in the Slyph Cardigan or the Cobweb Lace Stole? And Ellen Page would look adorable in the Hexacomb Cardigan.

Laura Linney, the Printed Silk Cardigan was practically made for you.
Bleeding Heart Stole
Julie Christie could carry off the cover project, the Holly Jacket, and Marion Cotillard could waltz in wearing the Bleeding Hearts Stole over a slim, satiny black ballgown.

Chameleon Scarf

Ms. Ruby Dee could do the Mesh Gloves some serious justice, and Amy Ryan would look perfect in the Flutter Sleeve Cardi. Tilda Swinton, always a trendsetter, might try the Auburn Camp Shirt over a lace cami and silk pants. And for Saoirse Ronan, the 13-year-old nominee for Supporting Actress, well, there's A Good Stripe Dress that would be delightful on her small frame.

And I gotta say: I can see Johnny Depp jauntily wearing the Chameleon Scarf, I really, really can.

Shaping, stitching, yarn, and style, the designs in this issue are all stars. Wish upon one, and add some knitting magic to your own story.

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? Shoulders of the Gathered Pullover, and the body of the Secret Project.

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