Spinners in Peru, from the new SpinKnit eMag

The women of the Chinchero Weaving Center in Peru demonstrate speed, skill, and pleasure in practicing the craft of handspinning. This video, from the SpinKnit eMag, is narrated by Interweave founder Linda Ligon, co-editor of SpinKnit. More videos of spinners in Peru and other parts of the world can be found in SpinKnit, available for purchase at: http://shop.knittingdaily.com

About SpinKnit:

Experience a world of fiber firsthand with SpinKnit, our new dynamic digital eMag. It's beautiful, immersive, and packed with experiences that make reading more fun than ever.

Imagine a magazine that takes you there: learn spinning in the Peruvian highlands, experience how twist energy shapes a garment, or visit an alpaca farm to see an ultra-luxurious new fiber on the hoof. Kaye Collins, Kathryn Alexander, Judith MacKenzie, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and other artists who have shaped our craft are all waiting to meet you through SpinKnit. Learn from them, then hone your skills with beautiful and challenging projects and patterns. SpinKnit brings the world of fiber to you. Now, don't just read about it-be there!

Intuitive navigation lets you effortlessly explore:

  • 15 Video tours
  • 4 Slide shows that allow you to zoom for details
  • 4 Downloadable knitting patterns that are easy to print and take with you
  • Web resources to help you dig even deeper
  • Interviews with Kaye Collins, Kathryn Alexander, Nilda Callaῆaupa Alvarez, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and other leaders and legends in the craft

SpinKnit expands the horizons of handspinning and handknitting-a fusion of these ancient crafts with the very cutting edge of digital technology. The experience is nothing short of magical.

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