A Southwestern Sweater Celebration

My mother-in-law lives in North Scottsdale, so I spend a fair amount of time visiting her and exploring the Southwest. Even though I’ve visited many times, I’m always surprised at the unique beauty of this area. The Saguaro cacti are the stars of the show in the North Scottsdale area, with the awesome rock formations creating a breathtaking backdrop.

There’s a certain color combo associated with the Southwest, that coral and green, which some people (including me), think of as 80s mall decor. I know it was everywhere here in the 80s, and probably 90s—those decades run together for me.

But there’s a new Southwest decor in town, and it’s stunning. Encompassing the colors found naturally in the region, this palette is full of the glory of the landscape. Our Southwestern Sweater Collection celebrates the colors and feel of this special part of the country. Here’s what you’ll get:

southwestern sweaters

These Southwestern sweaters are designed with updated colors, including grays, umber, ochre, green, and blue. In my experience, blue isn’t used a lot in landscape design in the Southwest (at least in Arizona), but it’s seen a lot as an accent color.

The turquoise blue really shines in Lisa Shroyer’s Angel Fire Jacket. Lisa designed this piece as a result of a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she witnessed a sunset over a snow-blanketed town.

southwestern sweaters

Detail of the Angel Fire Jacket.

The blues of the Southwest are also showcased in Cecily Glowik MacDonald’s Indigo Banded Cardigan and the Vera Cardigan by Alexis Winslow.

southwestern sweater

Ravelry user preciouslyinked’s fabulous Vera cardigan, stunning in high-contrast gray and red.

A big part of these Southwestern Sweaters are the motifs of the region. Eunny Jang’s Canyon Cardigan (below) and Alex Capshaw-Taylor’s Plowman Cardigan (shown at right in the header photo) feature motifs worked in stranded colorwork and intarsia.

southwest sweater

Canyon Cardigan

Daniela Nii’s Chincoteague Cardigan (shown at left in the header photo) is a masterpiece of mosaic knitting, creating a subtle pattern that’s perfection for a men’s cardigan.

I absolutely love all of these Southwestern sweaters, and I was so excited to browse through them and see that I haven’t knit any of them. I’m not sure which one will go in the queue, but I’m leaning toward Angel Fire. Or Plowman. Or Vera. HELP ME!

Which Southwestern sweater will you knit?



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