Sockupied Takes to the Streets

Feet on the Street in Melbourne and Ontario

Welcome to the first post in our occasional “Feet on the Street” blog feature. There is such a passion for sock knitting around the world, and in this installment we feature knitters from Canada and Australia. We’re starting with just two sock stories, but there will be more tales of sock knitting to come. (To send us a submission for the series, see the complete details here.)

Ode to a Second Sock

These socks were knitted as a birthday present with Regia sock yarn in a colorway designed by Kaffe Fassett. The second one was a long time on the needles, which started me thinking about what the first, finished, sock might think about that.

It's been half a year since I saw you

I have been forlorn since then

Now that you’re off the needles

I won't let us be parted again


You were such a long time in the knitting

I had begun to despair

Would you ever be finished?

Would we at last be a pair?


I will guard you in the washing machine

That Bermuda Triangle for socks

I will never pill or snag on you

You are one right out of the box

—Lynn from Melbourne, Australia

When asked what yarn she’d like to receive, Lynn said, “I'm more interested in trying out yarn that I can't readily buy in a bricks and mortar yarn shop in Australia . . . . Yarns from North America are harder to find.” We’re happy to send her a pair of skeins of Quince & Co. Tern, a wool/silk blend that’s made in the United States.


The Kilt (Hose) Connection


My husband and I are both passionate about our Scottish heritage. Between the two of us we own five kilts—and believe it or not he is the one with three and I with two.

My husband has never been happy with the kilt hose that he has purchased in the past, as they never fit right. I decided this would be a perfect Christmas gift, a custom pair of hose.

They took a tremendously long time, and to be honest I don't know if I would do another pair. My husband has a new appreciation to how much work goes into knitting, and he cherishes them. I love them and am very proud of them. They challenged me, but it was worth it!

These hose are special for me as they represent my love for my husband, my Scottish heritage and my new love for knitting! The pattern is John Anderson’s Kilt Hose Top Down by Robert Jenkins, knitted in Briggs & Little Tuffy Yarn.

—Robyn from Bayfield, Ontario, Canada

In honor of Robyn’s heritage, we’re pleased to send her a skein Dazzle 4 Ply Sock from The Natural Dye Studio in Devon. Dazzle is 100% Bluefaced Leicester, a breed that originated near the Scottish border.


Keep your Feet on the Street stories coming—and keep your feet happy with handknit socks.

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