Sockupied Patterns (and a sock design contest)

PDFs by Popular Demand

Ever since the first issue of Sockupied came out in 2010, some knitters have been asking for the patterns to be available individually as PDF downloads. Well, with four issues out (and a fifth coming soon!), we’re putting most of the patterns from our back issues into the Knitting Daily pattern store.

Oak + Acorn Socks by SpillyJane Escadaria Socks by Kristi Geraci Passerine Socks by Cookie A

So if you’ve been hankering to knit the Passerine Socks by Cookie A (the featured designer in our premiere issue) or Spillyjane’s Oak + Acorn Socks are just what you want to knit this fall, then you can get these—along with ten other ones—today.

Muscadine Socks by Star Athena Caret + Chevron Socks by Chrissy Gardiner Gansey Clock Socks by Ann Budd

We plan to keep adding more from other eMags, so if you’ve had your eye on a particular pattern, check back in the store periodically.

Camel Socks Save Snow Leopards

The Snow Leopard Trust was organized to preserve the endangered snow leopard, which is native to Central Asia. (They are impossibly cute—though that might be my affection for big cats coming through…) To support their efforts, the group sells 100% Bactrian camel wool yarn in a variety of colors, both natural and dyed.

This fall the Trust is holding a Sock Design Contest to feature their yarn, and they’re looking for original beginner to intermediate sock patterns. The full details of the competition can be found here, along with images of the most adorable cubs you’ve ever seen. Submissions are due October 1, 2012.


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