Sockupied: Knit Socks with your iPad

The spring 2012 issue of Sockupied is finally available for the iPad, and no one is more excited than me. (Just ask anyone who was standing in earshot when got the news!) 

Here are a few step-by-step directions and tips to help you install and use Sockupied on the iPad.

Install Sockupied

Click the link above or go to the App Store and search for "Sockupied." 

Tap "Install." (My iPad asks me for a password at this point.) 

When the app is installed, the Sockupied icon will appear on your iPad. Tap it to open the app. 

Whenever I open the app, it asks if I want to restore my previous purchases; I always choose "no thanks," but I'm not sure what would happen if I said OK! 

The screen should show two icons, one for the full issue (on the left) and one for the free sample (right). After you select "Buy" and confirm your selection, you should be able to open it and read the issue.

Answers to commonly asked installation questions:

Only the edition purchased through the App Store runs on the iPad.

The Mac and PC editions only run on Mac OS and Windows, respectively, so if you want to read the issue on a Mac or PC laptop or desktop, you should purchase the appropriate version from the Interweave store. The iPad version cannot be transferred to the Mac or PC because the underlying software is not compatible; to read the issue on an iPad, you should purchase it from the App Store. Unfortunately, we don't have the capability to enable desktop and laptop users to access the issue on the iPad without purchasing both editions. 

The iPad is the only tablet device for which Sockupied is presently available.

Want it for Android? Please drop us a line at to let us know.

If you open the app and find only the free sample or are unable to download, try waiting a little bit. It seems to clear up.

A few readers have reported that the full version seems mysteriously unavailable at first; it's mysterious to us, too! Trying again later or restarting the iPad seems to resolve the problem. (Please do let us know if you have this problem, though, so we can ask Apple about it!)

Navigating Sockupied

Wondering how to find your place in the issue? Just tap the screen…



The little house in the upper left corner takes you back to the screen that shows all the issues that are available. From there, you can choose to read another issue.

The arrow that points up and to the left takes you back to the page you were on last.

The icon with three horizontal dots and dashes reveals the table of contents (on the left).

The icon with four vertical lines allows you to "scrub" through the issue, seeing the entire app at a glance and displaying the titles of each article.

The gray bar along the bottom also allows you to move back and forth quickly through the issue.

If an article or ad includes more then one page, a narrow gray bar will appear on the right edge, which shows where you are in the article.

Patterns and PDFs in Sockupied for the iPad

To help you save the patterns or print them out, we've hosted them. Accessing pattern PDFs the first time requires an Internet connection, but once you've opened a pattern you can save it somewhere you can quickly find and use it offline. Here's how:


When you tap the pattern PDF button, the pattern opens in a browser window inside the app. You can scroll through it and knit from it here if you like.

Tap "Done" in the upper left corner to go back to the app easily, or . . . 


. . . tap the little arrow in the bottom right corner to save the PDF in a convenient place. The app will ask if you want to leave and open the link elsewhere. Clicking "OK" will allow you to save it locally.

The PDF will open in a browser window. Tapping the screen will reveal options to open the pattern in iBooks, DropBox, or some other location. If you have a printer set up for use with your iPad, you can print there directly. By saving the PDF locally, you can access it without an Internet connection.

I hope this answers some of your questions about installing, navigating, and knitting from the new iPad edition of Sockupied! I'll try to answer any questions you have–leave 'em in the comments.

Happy knitting!




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