Socks for him, finally!

Border Socks by Mary Jane Mucklestone, from the Fall 2011 issue of Interweave Knits

My brother, Jeff, has always been very fashion-conscious. He spent more time in front of the bathroom mirror than my my sister and I together, and he had short hair. (Except in the 80s when he had a righteous mullet!)

Anyway, I've knitted him several hats that he's loved and a couple of scarves, but never any socks. I just haven't found any that I thought fit his classic yet fashion-forward attitude.

I think I've finally found the perfect pattern, though! They're the Border Socks by Mary Jane Mucklestone, from the Fall 2011 issue of Interweave Knits. I love the masculine look of these, sort of business-casual for men.

They're easy, too, with just the right amount of colorwork to keep them interesting, which is a good thing when you're knitting for a guy's size 14 foot!

The Border Socks are made up of Fair Isle peerie patterns (small patterns usually used as fill-ins in larger Fair Isle motifs) across the cuff, a wide rib foot, and a coordinating chocolate toe.

Mary Jane's colorwork pattern is really attractive. You can choose lots of different colors, too.

Work this sock in colors as bright or as subdued as you like—just remember to use a dark shade, a light shade, and a shade in between.

I think my brother might like the grays, maybe with a little bright blue thrown in. I'm going to ask him if he likes the pattern and get his approval on colors before I start the socks, though—that's too much knitting if he's not going to wear them!

I'm so taken with the Fair Isle pattern, even if Jeff doesn't like the pattern, I'm going to put them on my list. Maybe I can knit them in sport-weight yarn so they'll fit my size 7-1/2 feet!


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