Sock Knitting Patterns: Every Which Way

Slippery Slope sock knitting pattern

Slippery Slope Socks

Socks are a perennial favorite with knitters, and new sock patterns are always exciting.

Just check out the Slippery Slope Socks by General Hogbuffer, at right. Stunners, I think.

These socks are coming up in the Spring 2016 issue of Interweave Knits. General Hogbuffer (love the name!) uses a variegated and a solid contrast yarn with a slip stitch technique to create an unusual sock design that is eye-catching, unusual and interesting to knit.

Similar to the Slippery Slope Socks, our book New Directions in Sock Knitting by Ann Budd is simply WOW. Since it’s by expert sock knitter Ann Budd, you know this book will be full of patterns and techniques that are practical as well as cutting-edge. But this book is really about directions. The socks are knit every which way: toe-up, toe-down, side-to-side, shaped with short-rows, knit with mirrored colors, and many more multi-directional designs.

Some of the most interesting patterns have innovative cast-on points, starting at the heel or sole or from side to side.  Ann always has her finger on the pulse of the sock knitting world, and we’re proud to bring you her amazing new book. Below are some of the amazing sock knitting patterns you’ll find in New Directions in Sock Knitting:

Knitted sock patterns

Clockwise from top left: Harlequin by Ann Berk, Square Socks by Nicola Susen, Vanishing Point by Jeny Staiman, Smokey Zickzacks by Natalia Vasilieva

Interweave Knits editor Meghan Babin likes New Directions in Sock Knitting so much, she’s excerpting it in the Spring 2016 issue of Knits. Here’s what she has to say about it:

U-Turn sock knitting pattern

Another General Hogbuffer creation, the U-Turn Socks

“Typically, a sock is made either from the cuff down, or from the toe-up. In New Directions, Budd has collected designers that have turned that traditional construction on its head. Whether you are a passionate sock knitter looking for a fresh take on design or a knitter looking for an adventure in construction, this book has it all in small projects to get your ‘feet wet.’

I have always loved books like New Directions because the techniques and ideas used to construct these socks can be taken to other aspects of knitting. This is more than just a collection of sock designs, it’s a new textbook on knitting construction.”

Above is another design by General Hogbuffer, the U-Turn Socks. These beauties are really interesting. They’re worked in pieces from the top down. The stripes are worked up the back of the leg, and there’s no cutting the yarn or even seaming. WHAT?!? I know. I have to check these out.

Look up the General on Ravelry. You won’t believe what he can do with sock knitting patterns. He reminds me of Cookie A., when she first came on the scene.

Ann has a nose for finding the most interesting sock designers out there, and you shouldn’t miss out. Get your copy of New Directions in Sock Knitting, and cast on an inventive pair today!


P.S. What sort of sock knitter are you—plain and practical or innovative and unconventional? Leave a comment and let me know!

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