Snowy Days and Cozy Knits

It snowed yesterday. I saw it happen. It didn’t last long, and it wasn’t the pure white fluff most people can at least appreciate. It was wet, gray slush. Gross.

I have mixed feelings about the snowy season. On one hand, I’m not really a fan of the aforementioned type of snowfalls, nor of the wind which accompanies them. On the other hand (this is going to be painfully obvious), I’m a knitter. And snow is my favorite excuse for being lazy. Few things bring me more joy than feeling obligated to go right home after work, immediately put on my pajamas and a movie, and curl up with a warm drink and my current knitting project – all because it’s cold and wet outside.

The Knits Winter 2015 issue is a visual manifestation of the coziness I crave during the cold months. It’s filled with oversized wraps, super warm cowls, and an abundance of different styles of sweaters. There are cables, welts, and all sorts of other spaces for warmth to nestle into.

I've already cast on for the Trapper Cowl from the Outfitted story, which uses double-knitting to create two layers of fabric at once. I have a feeling this will be one of my go-to neck accessories on the coldest of days this coming winter! I love its resemblance to a flannel pattern (I am going through a lumberjack phase). The Muir Wrap also utilizes double-knitting for extra warmth, and the alternating colors in the chevron pattern make it look sort of multidimensional. 

Trapper Cowl by Lisa R. Myers Muir Wrap by Ann McDonald Kelly

The Mulberry Cottage story features some really cool, vintage style sweaters and a few accessories. The Wind At Your Back Pullover has some beautiful cable work and looks like just about the most comfortable thing you could wear in a variety of settings, including to work (a must). The Siobhan Blouse is pretty interesting in shape, and I like that it's loose around the waist but is tighter at the hip. The Celtic knot of the pattern is beautiful, and the optional tassel is a fun and unusual feature.

Wind At Your Back Pullover by Kathy Zimmerman Siobhan Blouse by Wei Wilkins

Along with the patterns are some delightful articles. In A Knitter's World we get a look into what life is like on The Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska. I had no idea how adorable musk oxen are, not to mention how AMAZING their qiviut fiber is. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to acquire or even feel some of this stuff, do it. You will not be disappointed. 

These, my friends, are musk oxen. Are they not magical?
Photo by author Donna Druchunas.

Clearly, I am very excited about the Knits Winter issue, and I hope you all get excited with me. Go check out the full preview, pick out your favorites, then get a copy of the issue and cast on for some winter knitting! Also, check out Lisa's behind-the-scenes peak at our photo shoot for this issue, which was basically on a mountain glacier. I am so jealous she got to stay the night in that lodge! 

Until next time, fellow knitters, stay warm and knit happy!


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