Six Shawl Knitting Patterns and more from Knitscene Accessories

FC_KSA15dh.inddOur Knitscene Accessories 2015 issue was a huge hit! All around the world, I heard reports of local stores selling out of this year’s special issue. If you missed out on getting your own copy, never fear! Now you can download most of the patterns in this issue from! Here’s a quick rundown of everything from this issue that you can download as individual patterns today.

We had five shawl knitting patterns from featured designer Megi Burcl. Megi’s knitted shawls all used handpainted yarns to create one-of-a-kind appeal. Our Beacon Shawl Kit was certainly very popular, and we’ve re-released it in new colors for fall, but you can get the pattern on its own, along with Megi’s other four shawl patterns.

Beacon Shawl Ship that Shawl by Megi Burcl KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0449 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0420 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0397

For the first time, we had a collection of home decor projects sure to brighten anyone’s residence. From cozy knitted blankets to fun and customizable wall hangings, these six great projects are both fun and functional!

KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0047 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0036 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0026 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0020 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0006

To add a bit of knitted glamour to your knits out, we have eight patterns that have add glitz and sparkle to your wardrobe. Daniela Nii wrote a great article on adding beads to your knitting to accompany her lovely Nicole Necklace, and Julie LeFrancois iconic Regina Hat was our cover project.

KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0113 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0142 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0170 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0195 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0213 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0233 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0272 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0288

Our final collection was inspired by the film and book series by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games. All nine of these knitting patterns are stylish no matter the district (or Capitol) and you have plenty of time to whip up one before the final movie releases in November!

KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0475 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0498 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0519 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0542 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0569 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0622 KnitScene-Accessories-2015-0662


If you like more than 3 of these patterns and don’t have the issue yet, you can save yourself some money and purchase the entire magazine from our store in either the physical magazine format or as a digital PDF download. Happy knitting!

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