Simply Sockupied Knit-along: Making Progress, Part 2

We're all knitting socks!

Last week, some of our in-house knit-along participants gave you an update on their progress—some have a finished pair to show off while others are just getting started.

Editorial assistant extraordinaire (and unofficial house mother) Kathy Mallo has finished a sock and a half in the Custom Cuff Socks pattern! She says, “With one sock finished and looking wonderful, I am halfway through my second sock. To me, this will be the real challenge: can I create the exact same sock twice, or will they look different? So far, so good. This past weekend’s weather was absolutely beautiful, so I spent a few glorious hours knitting out on my deck. My pal, Darla the 4½ pound Maltese puppy, is at my side dozing sweetly on the chaise. She looks so innocent, which is deceiving. Last week, she went out of her way to get into my knitting bag. Loving yarn (that’s my girl!), she pulled out a couple of the double needles and unraveled the ball of yarn a few rows of my sock. All is forgiven and repaired. For now.”

Having just finished her first sweater, yarn group managing editor Allison Mackin is learning to work with the sock and small dpns, coached by knitting project editor Larissa Gibson. Larissa is working on Ann’s Go-To Socks, and she’s coming up on the toe of the first sock. She comments that picking up stitches on the gusset during a meeting was harder than expected. “It takes slightly more concentration than I could give it. It ended up lopsided, and I had to rip back and try again later in the quiet of my comfy armchair. Still, it’s been fun so far. For this project I’ve been trying very hard to be faithful to the pattern, instead of using the pattern as a general guideline and forging off on my own at will. It has taken a little restraint, but I’ve been happy with my results so far.”

From her home office in New Jersey, book acquisitions editor Allison Korleski sends the following dispatch about her Up + Down Socks:

“One sock is done, the other cast on and should zip along pretty merrily once I start it.

“I love love love short-rows. So rhythmic, so tidy as they march along in regimental garter stitch. The only mod I would make would be to knit the short-row heel on the smaller needles. My garter stitch seems a bit loose, and I want these to last.

“The yarn is glorious Madelinetosh Pashmina, and it sings through my hands as I knit it up. It feels great—springy and squooshy and boingy. My hands love it, my feet definitely love it. As I generally wear skirts and dresses, I stick to stockings and tights; I don't normally wear socks except around the house. These will be my go-to house socks during this chilly spring.”

(She also notes that it is surprisingly difficult to photograph your own feet.)

Books designer Julia Boyles took a while to get started, but she’s getting advice from the experts:

“I began these socks at a photo shoot last week. Luckily I had two famous knitters on hand to help: Ann Budd and Vicki Square. Ann helped me with the knitted cast-on (new to me, since I usually use the cable cast-on). Vicki provided advice on how to best (properly) hold my yarn so that tension was automatic and I wouldn't have to work so hard to switch the yarn from front to back and vice versa as I worked the ribbing.

“Since I didn't knit a gauge swatch (oops!), I discovered that my gauge was off after one round of ribbing and a few rows into St st. After chatting with Ann, we decided the best plan was to start over and move down three or four pattern sizes so that I could keep the same needle size and use my own gauge.”

Show us your socks in the Sockupied forums! We'd love to see how they're coming along.

Happy knitting,


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