Simply Sockupied Debut

If you have the iPad version of Sockupied, you might have noticed something pop up in the app recently: a new issue called Simply Sockupied. We’re launching the Mac and PC versions this week in the Knitting Daily shop.

So what is Simply Sockupied? When the first issue of Sockupied came out in 2010, many of our readers were excited about discovering new sock knitting challenges, but a few knitters were looking for information about knitting their very first pairs of socks.

Over the past two years, as Sockupied has focused on unusual sock constructions and ways to customize your socks, we discovered more and more people who wanted to take the sock-knitting plunge and were hoping for a few lessons.

I also realized that although I love knitting socks with lace and unusual architecture, the socks I have on the needles most often are the simplest ones. Ann Budd noticed the same thing; her book Sock Knitting Master Class includes complex designs, but she most often casts on a simple ribbed sock. (She shares her favorite sock pattern in this issue.)

We decided that it was time to create a special issue of Sockupied just for knitters like these: beginning sock knitters, knitters wanting to make their first pairs of toe-up socks, and knitters looking for easier but still addictive projects.

Ann Budd's "Go-To Socks" are the socks she most often knits for herself. Knit from the top down in a simple K3, P1 rib, they make a perfect first pair for beginning sock knitters.

To work the patterns in Simply Sockupied, you should know the basics of knitting (how to knit and purl and have a basic idea of how to cast on, bind off, increase, and decrease). But we’ll teach you the specific skills needed to make each pair of socks with written directions, video demonstrations, and illustrations.

And because we couldn’t possibly anticipate every question you might have, we also decided to host a Simply Sockupied Knit-along. Join over a dozen Interweavers who will be working patterns from the issue at the same time you are—some beginners and some experts.

It’s a great place to find tips and tricks and to ask questions about knitting the specific patterns or about knitting socks in general. We’re here to help!

Check out the last page of Simply Sockupied to meet the Interweavers who will be knitting along with you!


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