Shawl Updates and What YOU Are Knitting

My own weekend knitting

Last Friday, I innocently asked what was on your needles…and oh my goodness. Do you people ever SLEEP? What's your secret for getting housework done? Do you do laundry online? The sheer number of projects y'all are working on was stunning. I did a rough count, and of the 125 folks who mentioned a project, about half of you are working on more than one project at once. Shawls/stoles were by far the most popular type of project (46 knitters making those); socks were in second place (35). Then came short-sleeved tanks/tees (23), and afghans/home items (18). The next most popular group was cardigans (16), baby items (15), pullovers (12), and bags (11).

I feel strangely compelled to give a congratulatory shout-out to Rosy, who said that she just finished knitting "a pink and black outfit" for her cat, Rascal. The congratulations are for both of the parties involved: to Rascal, for being calm enough to wear a knitted garment; and to Rosy, for having the chutzpah to even conceive of knitting an outfit for a cat. (Do I want to see a photo? I'm not really sure.)

So you can see by the picture above how my weekend knitting went…how about yours?

The Icelandic Lace Shawl

Icelandic Lace Shawl: Corrections and Updated Yarn Info

The Icelandic Lace Shawl pattern appears to be a big hit! Several of you asked to see a "full-length" photo of the shawl. Unfortunately, the photo at right was all we had in the archives. However, Sarah has a photo on her blog of the one she did a couple of years ago, in lovely shades of grey, green, blue, and purple. Beautiful job, Sarah!

Anyone else out there have a photo of a finished Icelandic Lace Shawl they would like to share? Someone in the Lacy Shawl group, perhaps? Email me and let me know if you do!

Pattern correction: Please note that sharp-eyed Mary J. of the comments has already found an error in the symbol key for the charts on page 5. The correction is on the pattern information page in red, and the PDF has been updated as of today (7/23). You might want to either mark your copy or download the updated PDF.

Yarn Amounts: There was confusion over the yarn amounts listed for the shawl. The first reference ("100% wool; 2240 yd [2048 m]/16 oz [454 g]") is NOT how much yarn is required for the shawl; it is simply how many yards-per-pound are on the standard one-pound cone. Read a bit further and you will see a smaller amount designated for each color (3.5 oz natural white, for example). You can convert this into approximate yardage with a little math. (2240 yd/lb divided by 16 oz/lb = 140 yd/oz; 3.5 oz times 140 yd/oz = 490 yd natural white; and so on.)

I've put yardage equivalents for each color on the pattern info page, as well as the total amount needed if you are making the shawl all one color. And I included the metric equivalents for our international knitters as well!

Coming up: I've got some blocking tips based on your comments from Friday's post! Plus, results of the Lace Survey. You can still answer the question "What kind of lace knitter are you?" if you haven't yet responded.

Some of you are probably wondering why I'm asking so many questions. Well…we have a gadzillion patterns in our Interweave archives, and I'm trying to figure out the sorts of patterns y'all like to knit, so Knitting Daily can give you more of what you want! I mean, it would be silly to give you tea cozy patterns if what you really wanted were more patterns for sweaters for your cat.   Knitting Daily is for YOU. Let us know what you think!


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