Share your favorite knitting tip with us!


There's so much knowledge out there—let's help each other and share tips and tricks.

Here are some topics to get you going:

Sock Knitting: How do you avoid that hole at the top of the gusset?
Sweater Knitting Patterns: What's your favorite cast-on tip?
Lace Knitting: How do you put in a lifeline?
Easy Knitting Patterns: What's your favorite type of pattern to suggest to beginners?
Knitting for Women: How do you do short-rows?
Knitting for Babies: What's the easiest baby blanket/baby booty pattern you've knit and why?

Those are just a few—sky's the limit on this topic! How to knit tips and tricks are a great way to bring our knitting community together.

Have a great weekend. I hope you find some time to knit!


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