Sensational Sock Knitting

I've been a really lame sock knitter in the last few months. There are two socks on the needles, from two different sock knitting patterns, and I didn't really have any plans to pick either of those socks up in the near future.

Provenance Socks by Heatherly Walker:
Colorful scrolling patterns inspired by centuries-old French embroidery

But then I got an email that contained the link to the Summer 2013 issue of Sockupied. Talk about motivating me to get back to sock knitting!

Here's Sockupied Editor Anne Merrow to tell you more:

Genius, Stitch by Stitch

When I was learning to knit, friends told me that there were only two stitches, so it couldn't be that difficult. But as any knitter knows, there are enough possible maneuvers of those two little stitches to keep us fascinated for a lifetime.

Cataphyll by Hunter Hammersen:
Lacy leaves branch out across fine ribbing and stockinette panels

It's the small but clever innovations—adding a second yarn, wrapping in another direction—that make knitting so intriguing. Sometimes even a small change can create a whole new result.

In this issue, Heatherly Walker's socks feature an ingenious two-color cuff, which you can learn with step-by-step directions, illustrations, and video. Kate Atherley finds at least five ways of knitting socks two at once.

This issue's featured designer, Hunter Hammersen, draws on her knowledge of science with designs inspired by butterfly and botanical drawings. In this issue we get a sneak peek at her brand new book, The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II. And each of our five brand-new designs features its own stroke of knitting brilliance.

On the miniature and quirky canvas of socks, the concentration of creativity is a constant marvel. I can't wait to see what genius comes next from the needles of sock knitters.

—Anne Merrow, from Sockupied Summer 2013

Beautiful self-striping sock yarn

Check out a really neat visual from Sockupied, at right. I love self-striping sock yarns—and the image of them flowing off of paintbrushes is great! The stitch pattern shown is a chevron pattern; here's how you do it:

Simple Chevron
Multiple of 9 sts
Round 1 (RS) *K2tog, k1, [k1fb] 2 times, k2, ssk; repeat from * to end.
Round 2 Knit.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for pattern.

Download Sockupied Summer 2013 now and start knitting sensational socks!


P.S. How many socks do you have on the needles? Leave a comment and share your shame (if you're not ashamed, all the better!).

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