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I love Halloween. Bats, boneyards, witches.  Adorable children coming to my door dressed up as everything from ladybugs to superheroes. And luckily for me and my bins full of spooky decorations, Canadians like Halloween just as much as folks in the U.S. do. I think the main reason I love Halloween is that everyone gets to dress up; even the grownups get to play along. I'm one of those folks who loves to make their own slightly wacky costumes. So last year, when Interweave threw a costume contest, yours truly, the Knitting Daily Girl, of course just had to knit herself a little bit of dress-up.

However, I had about two days to do it.

Being a teensy bit obsessed with fairies, I finally decided to knit myself a pair of fairy wings. I bent some wire coat hangers into triangle shapes, wiring them together to look like wings. I found some pink mohair in my stash, as well as some sparkly "novelty" yarn and a bit of interesting ribbon. Holding the mohair and novelty yarns together, and using really big needles (size 11, which for me is HUGE), I cast on enough stitches to stretch across the widest part of one side of the wing frames.  Then, I knit a garter stitch triangle by decreasing every row or  two until the triangle was big enough to stretch over the entire wing. I knitted a matching triangle for the other wing, sewed the knitted pieces to the frames, embellished the whole thing with ribbons, and voila: I was the Knitting Daily Fairy!

All right, so the costume was thrown together quickly, and it didn't win any prizes, but it was fun, and it was knitted. What else matters?

— Sandi

Now it's YOUR turn: Have you ever knitted (or crocheted!) a costume?

Send us your photos! In honor of Halloween, we'll be posting the best reader photos of knitted or crocheted costumes (or costume elements) on Knitting Daily! Photos must be in .jpg format, and be no larger than 250 pixels in width. Email your entries to Please include your name, city and state/province, as well as a brief description of who and what is in the photo.

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Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? Have I mentioned that I love socks? I'm nearly done with a sock for Nicholas, a Nancy Bush pattern from Knitting On The Road. (I'm knitting Denmark. No, not the entire country of Denmark, just the sock called Denmark.)

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