Halloween Beckons: 5 Scary Knitting Projects to Start Now!

It’s Halloween! Well, almost. Even though most holidays usually make me feel like I’ve eaten too much candy corn (case in point), Halloween and the preceding couple months are my favorite time of year: The weather has cooled off—but not yet to the point of having to deal with snow; football is back (which, to me, just means being able to justify eating large amounts of queso); and all of us can let our inner spooky sides shine. So what better way to get in the spirit of the season than by starting that scary knitting project on your queue.

No, I don’t mean knitting pumpkins, bats, and skulls (unless, of course, you’re knitting this adorable Day of the Dead Cowl, in which case, go for it). When I say scary knitting project, I mean that oh-so-tempting project you’ve had on your queue for ages but just haven’t had the guts to start. So why not embrace the spookiness of this time of year and face one of these 5 scary knitting projects on your queue today!

1. The one with all the colorwork.

For those of you unfamiliar with colorwork knitting, it can seem more than a little intimidating. Take the fear out of colorwork by either seeking the assistance of some experts or taking a class!*

(*Still too scared? There’s always duplicate stitch or “lazy colorwork.” Give it a try!)

Our Social Media Manager Andrea took on the daunting goal of knitting the Bandelier Socks  from 100 Knits and didn’t let this scary looking colorwork stop her from finishing! Image © F+W Media, Inc. by Harper Point Photography.

2. The one that’s all lace.

Looking a large lace chart in the face can be enough to have even the most-seasoned knitter shaking in their DPNs. Find some calming space where you can focus on those pesky charts, and feel free to let yourself have a lot of breaks! You’ll find that the only thing scary about lace will be how scary good you’ll look in your finished garment or accessory.

3. The one with all the cables.

Did you happen to see the Fall 2018 issue of Interweave Knits? It was overflowing with lust-worthy cabled garments. Although loads of cables may seem too scary of a knitting project to handle, take comfort in this: Patience, practice, and a little research will lead you a long way toward making the cabled garment of your dreams!

Just a small sampling of all the tempting cables from Fall 2018 issue of Interweave Knits. Images © F+W Media, Inc. by Harper Point Photography.

4. The one in really fine yarn.

Waiting for just the right time to start knitting an heirloom keepsake? Don’t let the time commitment scare you! Try alternating between this and other knitting projects on the side to keep yourself from feeling burned out.

5. The insurmountable afghan.

Yeah, I know. You say you want to knit an afghan, but it seems repetitive and tedious. Or, it seems the afghan project itself just isn’t that intuitive to your skill set. Never fear, knitter. Our friends over at CreaCrafts offer a subscription service that will teach you to knit an afghan one square at a time. Not only that, this is a stitch-a-palooza, not the same boring stitch or motif over and over.
You can give it a try for free right now, so why not start?

With the help of Knit & Stitch Creative, you will build a reversible patchwork throw that will reflect your knitting journey.

So get in the holiday spirit! Take control of your greatest knitting fears and start that scary knitting project today!

Happy scary knitting,

Nothing to fear here!


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