Hi, I’m Sandi, and I have scarf-a-phobia. Don’t get me wrong: I like to wear knitted scarves. I just don’t like to knit them. I don’t know why, because knitting is knitting, right—you get to play with lovely needles and to touch lovely yarn, and it’s all good, right? Well, somehow, scarf-knitting for me isn’t as fun as other knitting. Maybe it’s all those short little rows that keep ending before I’ve barely gotten into the rhythm of things. Maybe it’s that knitting a scarf just seems so cliché—I’m a knitter, therefore I must knit scarves.


Oh dear: I’m a snob knitter. In my darkest heart, I believe that scarves are what movie stars knit, scarves are what other knitters knit when they don’t have the sticks to knit a lace sweater.

Wow. Sometimes self-knowledge is not all it’s cracked up to be. I just found out I’m a snob knitter, and I’ve just had to admit it in front of all of knitting blogdom.

Well, they say the first step is admitting it. OK, so now what?

I guess, if I want to be a well-rounded knitter, a versatile knitter, a brave and no-holds-barred, fearless knitter, I shall have to get over this anti-scarf thing.

I’m going to have to knit a scarf, and I’m going to have to struggle with knitting it until it is finished, all 70” of it or however long it needs to be to be considered a Real Scarf. I can’t just knit a cravat, or a neck warmer, or an ascot. It has to be a Real Scarf.

I put myself into your hands, Knitting Daily readers. I have admitted my lack of scarf-love to you, and now you must determine my fate: Choose a scarf pattern for me. Leave a comment and tell me which scarf you think I ought to make, and why. I’ll tally things up, take the top five scarf patterns y’all mentioned and let you vote for the finalist.

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