Sarah’s WIP: Hippolyta’s Cover-up

I am the kind of shopper that will look for a specific item of clothing for years. I will wait and search until one day I find the perfect thing at an agreeable price. But that strategy has changed since knitting came into my life. I find it absolutely thrilling to disregard the huge corporations of fast fashion and find something to make in the color, style, and fit I want—which is why I’m so excited to be making Hippolyta’s Cover-up from Interweave Knits 2017.

Hippolyta's Cover-up

I’ve been without a swimsuit cover-up for far too long to remember because I’m so disappointed by the endless barrage of weird, non-breathable fabrics with silly themes or patterns available in store-bought cover-ups. So when we received the submissions for Interweave Knits Summer 2017, and I saw Lena Zharichenko’s proposal for a swimsuit cover-up, I knew I’d found the one.

When I saw the cover-up, I imagined myself walking happily along the shore in a swimsuit, feeling nicely covered but not sweating through the fabric! Did I mention how much of a disappointment swimsuit cover-ups can be? This project fixes everything I’ve had issue with in mass-produced cover-ups: it is breezy, unique, and easy to remove.

Hippolyta's Cover-up

The border pattern, consisting of yarnovers and a drop-stitch technique, is simple and beautiful, but it does take time. Now that I’m at the stockinette-stitch section, this project is flying by. I am excited to start work on the armholes, they are my first ever attempt. I have yet to tackle garments—I’ve been sticking to accessories—so I’m excited and proud to share this WIP with all of you!

Shibui Knits Twig is a combination of linen, recycled silk, and wool that knits into a cool fabric with effortless drape. I chose the color Fjord for my project and have truly enjoyed knitting with it. Linen always blocks out so wonderfully, and I’ve been impatiently stretching the fabric to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead after blocking.

Hippolyta's Cover-up

If you like Hippolyta’s Cover-up, you should check out the rest of the Summer issue. There are romantic shawls, elegant tops, and even a few gorgeous winter knits. You also won’t want to miss this issue’s features: a look into lace knitting and Shakespeare, the final installment of our tubular cast-on series, and a peek into the art of creating yarn bowls.

What’s your current summer project? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram @InterweaveCraft.

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p.s. Our new fall issue is gorgeous, but I admit I will be so sorry to see the summer issue go – check out more of our coverage of the Shakespeare issue here!

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