Ruffles: The perfect birthday treat

Angora from my stash: Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit

It's my birthday today and I feel like a little something girly. Ruffled angora scarf? Yes, please!

I have a skein of Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit in my stash and I've been looking for the perfect pattern to show it off. It's the most beautiful pinkish-red; I got it on a yarn crawl in Portland, Oregon a couple of years ago and every time I visit it my stash I'm sad to see it still in the skein and not knit up into a beautiful, fluffy knitted accessory.

Laura Bryant and Barry Klein from Trendsetter Yarns filmed a segment on Knitting Daily TV about how to knit ruffles, and Laura's Ruffled Scarf is a beautiful, feminine scarf that seems custom-made for my yarn.

The pattern is deceptively simple, too. You start by increasing in every stitch in the first row, in most of the stitches in the second row, and then you knit several rows straight.

Then you pick up stitches in the cast-on row and repeat the process. The resulting poof of ruffles is so lovely, especially in angora.

Ruffled Scarves by Laura Bryant of Trendsetter Yarn     

My Peter Rabbit is slightly finer than the Trendsetter Angora that the pattern calls for, so I'll either run it with a sport weight yarn, decide to have a smaller scarf, or cast on more stitches to make it longer and knit more straight rows on each side to make it wider.

Angora is one of those polarizing fibers; people seem to love it or hate it. There are some drawbacks to angora, for sure, like how it can shed and make you sneeze (and cover your clothes with fibers!) but it's also so soft you can barely feel it! It whispers along the skin, providing softness, warmth, and coziness. I, for one, love it.

As my birthday gift to you, here's the Ruffled Scarf Pattern, for free! This scarf would look beautiful in just about any yarn, too, so don't hesitate to try it if you don't have angora on hand. Just check your stash for a yarn that knits up on size ten needles; a variegated yarn would be beautiful.

And in cast you haven't heard, there's a new season of Knitting Daily TV coming up! Here's a preview of the first episode, Needle Art Trends.

It's going to be a fun season! Check your local PBS listings to see when Knitting Daily TV airs in your area, or if you're chomping at the bit, buy the entire season on DVD now! As you can see from the preview, the new season is full of wonderful stuff! Learn how to knit all kinds new patterns and use new techniques. I can't wait!


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