Remember your first knit socks?

When I was knitting my first pair of socks, I remember quite a few a-ha moments: turning the heel, picking up stitches, and knitting the gusset, most of all. I recall thinking, “So this is how a sock works. Genius!” And then I thought about how many socks have been knit throughout time, for the most basic and worthy of purposes-to keep feet warm!

Time Traveler Socks
by Jennifer Crowley Raymond

Today, we still knit socks to keep our feet warm, but we also knit socks to try new techniques, new yarn, and to simply have fun.

Sock knitter and designer (and Knitscene editor!) Amy Palmer is the new editor of Sockupied. She’s been knitting socks for years; here’s what she has to say about her first pair of socks: “Sock knitting always requires some amount of modification for me, as I have long feet. I can thank my dad for that—he wears a US mens size 14 shoe. For whatever reason, I decided he would be the recipient of the first ever pair of socks I knit. I finished them, they fit, and a single sock was bigger than the cat. (And I’ve yet to knit him another pair.)”

Here’s Amy to tell you about the brand new issue of Sockupied.

If you’re a faithful follower of Sockupied and reader of Anne’s [Anne Merrow, the founding editor] editor’s corner, you will notice that I am, in fact, not Anne. My name is Amy, I’m the new editor of Sockupied (Anne has taken the helm of Spin-Off), and I am a Sock Knitter.

I first worked on Sockupied with Anne when we first launched the magazine, acting behind the scenes to help realize the incredible vision, and though I haven’t been as involved in more recent issues, it’s been a thrill to see how Sockupied has grown and evolved over the years.

Taking on a magazine in the middle of an issue is a tricky transition, but thanks to the work Anne did and the wonderful designers and contributors, I know that this “first” issue of mine will have you scouring your stash for the perfect yarn for your next pair of socks.

—Amy Palmer, Editor, Sockupied

True North Socks by Lucy Neatby

I’ve shown a couple of my favorite designs here, and I thought you’d like to hear what the designers remember about their first sock-knitting experience:

“My first pair of socks I knit (that I could wear) ended up uneven. I was so excited to finish I did one less repeat on one sock, so it’s an inch and a half shorter.” —Jennifer Crowley Raymond, Designer, Time Traveler Socks

“I knit my first socks in Wales more than twenty-five years ago, using the blind-follower technique. I found a pattern and did exactly what it said. I was being frugal and had a couple of balls of beige yarn left over from an equally dull vest I’d knit for my husband. It’s a wonder that I survived the yarn and color, but I still remember the magical moment of turning the heel and it becoming a three-dimensional creation. Everyone should experience that moment!” —Lucy Neatby, Designer, True North DK Socks

The new issue is available now! Get Sockupied Fall 2014 for yourself today, and knit some new socks to wear this fall, when those tootsies will feel a chill again.


P.S. What do you remember about your first knit socks? Leave a comment and share your memories with us!




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