What Happens When You Let a Knitter Design a Red Heart Yarn?

|Sponsored| Marly Bird had been a knit and crochet designer for a decade when she became the National Red Heart Spokesperson. Upon joining the team, the company asked her: Would you like to create and help develop a yarn line? Marly’s reply was, “Not yet.”

Just imagine it: you could pick your favorite fibers, check the twist in sample skeins, pick your favorite colors, and before you know it, your dream yarn arrives in the hands of knitters and crocheters everywhere! Why wait to take on such an exciting, creative project?

It’s great to know what yarn you want, but Marly wanted to know what other knitters and crocheters needed. Working with designers and crafters across the country, she decided to focus on 3 components that defined this need.

Marly’s Dream Yarn Checklist

Red Heart

These merino sheep are ready for their close-up! Photo Credit NCHANT | Getty Images Plus

1. Natural fiber.

When reviewing the existing Red Heart yarns, Marly found a lot to love but one thing missing: a 100% natural fiber yarn. For knitters and crocheters who have the impression that wool is too itchy or hard to care for, she knew what to look pursue: super-soft Merino wool, mercerized for machine-washability. (You may have heard of mercerized cotton, which has been de-fuzzed for shine and color depth; mercerized wool is de-fuzzed to prevent felting.)

You are gazing upon Red Heart’s Hygge Chic Crochet Pillow project on the left, and the Hygge Chic Knit Pillow pattern on the right. Both of these projects are stitched in super squishy Chic Sheep by Marly Bird.

2. Squoosh.

Marly received sample skeins from mills around the world. (We picture the mailbox overflowing with soft packages—a knitter’s version of Christmas every day.) She tried them all without labels in a blind tactile exercise, looking for the twist and spin that yields elastic, springy yarn that is a pleasure to hold in your hand.

Red Heart Chic Sheep, designed by Marly Bird

3. Color!

For some knitters, color can be serious and somber; for others, it’s intimidating. What research and testing did Marly perform to build the range of bold, modern colors that all look good together? “I chose colors that make me happy! It was a happy accident that they all seem to go together.”

From there, Chic Sheep yarn was born: a bouncy natural-fiber yarn in 24 colors. Divided between pop colors and soothing neutrals, the colorways come together in pleasing and surprising combinations. Marly named them with some help from her friends to choose chic names: lipstick, mimosa, poolside, suede…

The yarn itself is a combination of high quality and low price, a bridge between commercial and bespoke. Developed by a knitter and crocheter, Chic Sheep yarn is designed to convince knitters and crocheters to take another look at the Red Heart brand. Make sure to check out Chic Sheep by Marly Bird for yourself!

Pictured in our featured image: the A La Mode Chic Scarf is shown at far left; the Feather Chic Sweater is shown at middle-top; the Super Slouchy Chic Hat is shown at middle-bottom; the Hygge Chic Throw is shown on the far right.

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