A Ravelry Guide to Wool Studio Vol. VI Designers

The knit designs presented within our Wool Studio brand are compelling and timeless. Wool Studio Vol. VI is no exception. Ten designers, each tasked to create one project for this version of Wool Studio, knocked it out of the park with their style. And just who are they? In order to craft a worthwhile introduction, we took to Ravelry. Read on about the creative drive that defines these knitting rockstars.

by Kephren Pritchett

All Wool Studio photos by Harper Point Photography.

KEPHREN PRITCHETT is a knitwear designer and tech editor specializing in seamless construction. She finds inspiration in the beautiful Wisconsin landscape on the shores of Lake Michigan. On her Ravelry page, she explains further what her design approach is, “I try to make my patterns accessible to everyone by including charts and written instructions wherever possible. I’ll also use photo tutorials or video links to illustrate new or uncommon techniques. While there may be nothing new in knitting, there is always something new to me, and I love finding different ways of doing things.”

by Linda Marveng

All Wool Studio photos by Harper Point Photography.

LINDA MARVENG is a Norwegian who loves to design feminine garments, especially with cables or lace, “From an early age I was fitted out in my mother’s designs and developed a fashion interest. When old enough to draw, I created my own designs and I discovered knitting. I had learned to knit by the age of ten, but did not become an addict until years later, when I took my revenge on my crafts teacher by knitting a Fair Isle coat.” Head over to Linda’s Ravelry page to see her full story and check out her designs.

by Donna Estin

All Wool Studio photos by Harper Point Photography.

DONNA ESTIN lives and works in Vienna, Virginia, where she designs and knits. Having earned her Master Knitter Certification from The Knitting Guild Association, she continues to serve on the review committee and teaches classes on knitting and design. “I earned my Master Hand Knitting Certification in 2017 from The Knitting Guild Association and it was an awesome program! The supportive and creative knitting community is a kind one, always helping one another. As a knitwear designer, I specialize in women’s garments that blend artistic stitch patterns into modern cut sweaters.” Help yourself over to Donna’s Ravelry page and discover just what she means by “artistic stitch patterns.”

by Cheryl Toy

All Wool Studio photos by Harper Point Photography.

CHERYL TOY is an avid knitter, instructor, and designer. After getting a bachelor of fine arts degree in design, Cheryl designed sets, costumes, and lighting for theater, and worked for many years as an art director in the film industry. A passion for antique buildings took Cheryl to New Orleans, Louisiana, where she was active in historical restoration. Her knitwear designs can be found in the pages of Interweave Knits, knitscene, and Creative Knitting. Check out Cheryl’s Ravelry page here.

by Amy Gunderson

All Wool Studio photos by Harper Point Photography.

Dog cuddling, knitflixing, and drinking red wine are just a few of AMY GUNDERSON’S favorite things to do (and she often does all of these at the same time). She does a variety of freelance work including design, charting crochet and knit patterns, technical editing, and more. “I knit and crochet constantly, wish I had time to sew again, and dream of unpacking my poor, neglected loom. Occasionally I find the time to play tennis and walk the dog. And hang out with my husband without yarn in the same room.” Follow Amy on Ravelry to stay up-to-date on her work.

by Susanna IC

All Wool Studio photos by Harper Point Photography.

SUSANNA IC has an extensive collection of studio arts and art history degrees, as well as a rather large yarn stash. She admits that she has a deep fondness for lace, “I love to help make lace knitting fun and manageable even for the beginner lace knitter and almost all of my designs are very easy to customize. Knit what makes you happy, I always say. I am proud to have been called the Borg, because resistance is futile, and the Lace Vader. Welcome to the lace side…” Find her projects and designs on Ravelry, Instagram, and Facebook.

by Irina Anikeeva

All Wool Studio photos by Harper Point Photography.

After a long career in management, IRINA ANIKEEVA took up her needles full time to pursue a long-standing love of knitwear design. She and her husband live in Southern California. On her Ravelry page she states, “When I was about 7 or 8, my mom taught me both knitting and sewing.
Or I would rather say she started to teach me back then and I am learning ever since. I love the sense of achievement I get from working with yarn, learning new techniques, and enhancing my fiber knowledge.”

by Maria Leigh

All Wool Studio photos by Harper Point Photography.

MARIA LEIGH, originally from megacity Seoul, is a designer and knitter in smalltown Athens, eastern Ontario. She’s a fan of sci-fi and loves mathematics. She tech edits and translates patterns when she’s not working on her own designs. Once you visit Maria’s Ravelry Page, you will find that she is equally enamored of accessories and garments, and that her design portfolio holds deep variety.

by Kate Gagnon Osborn

All Wool Studio photos by Harper Point Photography.

KATE GAGNON OSBORN is co-owner of Kelbourne Woolens. She lives and knits in Philadelphia. Kate has contributed deeply to the Interweave family of publications, and we have long adored her aesthetic and her ability to nail down trends. Check out Kate’s Ravely page and you will see exactly what we mean.

by Stella Egidi

All Wool Studio photos by Harper Point Photography.

STELLA EGIDI loves the sense of freedom and self-expression that designing gives her. Although she likes to explore techniques, styles, and the endless possibilities of knitting, she prefers classic designs with a touch of modernity. This Renaissance woman gives herself the room to continue to grow creatively, “I cannot define my style, I am quite eclectic in style and colors: I like everything, because, as in real life, I never feel the same, and not two days are identical. Nevertheless, I have a preference for classical designs, revisited with a touch of modernity. But my style is a work in progress, as I am as a person!”

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