Ravelry Round-Up: Coney Island Shawl

knitscene Summer 2017 exploded onto the scene in mid-April. This issue lights up your summer with inventive knit active-wear and warm weekend garments. Here is a Ravelry round up of one the issue’s most popular patterns, the Coney Island Shawl, designed by Anne Podlesak.

In the early 1920’s, the NYC Subway was completed and patrons could ride to Coney Island for a nickel. Called the “Nickel Empire,” Coney Island saw a massive boom in business due to the subway, culminating in the construction of the famed boardwalk. Women of the time would put on their beautiful, floral print sundresses and prepare for a weekend at the beach. This breezy summer shawl is inspired by the classic styles of Coney Island in the 1920’s.

coney island shawl

By translating this classic style into the modern era, Anne Podlesak has created a versatile accessory. This shawl is knit in DK weight yarn, allowing for a wide range of customization in your fiber type. If you’re looking for a warm weather accessory, perfect for the cooler nights at the beach, explore using a plant-fiber yarn or plant-fiber blend. For colder climates or transitional seasons, explore using wool and wool blends. Adjusting the fiber you’re using will transform the Coney Island Shawl into a year-round accessory.

I asked Ravelry users to share their experiences with the Coney Island Shawl. LaurieNM told me, “The pattern provided time to daydream and time for a challenging adventure. I have worn the Coney Island Shawl to work, to the Santa Fe Opera, and to dinner in Paris. Everywhere I go I get compliments on its shape and design.”

coney island shawl

BeginswithaC shared, “I am drawn to knitting lace shawls, but find myself reaching for garter-striped shawls for their ease of wear. In this pattern, I found a happy blend. For my Coney Island, I chose to pair undyed DK-weight alpaca from a small farm with Shalimar Breathless DK. The unusual color combination was inspired by a saree my grandma wore when I was growing up. Knitting at a slightly larger gauge than the pattern calls for, I got a large, cozy shawl that looks just as good on the reverse.”

Coney Island Shawl

Sgmensing said, “This was a new type of construction for me, knitting the border first and then turning, picking up stitches, and knitting the body of the shawl. I found it fascinating and enjoyable to knit. I love the interplay off the colors, and feel as though I will wear this shawl more as a decorative piece (almost like jewelry) than as a “keep warm” sort of shawl. The shawl is billed as a garter stitch shawl, but it’s so much more interesting than that.”

Are you thinking about knitting the Coney Island Shawl? What was your favorite pattern from knitscene Summer 2017? Share your thoughts and patterns on our Facebook page, and maybe you’ll see your project on the next Ravelry Round Up.

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