Ravellenic Games 2018: Are you in?

Tomorrow, the 2018 winter games begin in PyeongChang, South Korea. Athletes from many nations will compete for the gold medal in skiing, figure skating, and (my personal favorite) luge. More importantly, knitters and crocheters worldwide will be casting on for the Ravellenic Games.

Inspired by knitting blogger Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (a.k.a. the Yarn Harlot), the Ravellenic Games began in 2008 to coincide with the summer games in Beijing. (Originally called the Ravelympics, the name was later changed due to a trademark dispute with the U. S. Olympic Committee) The goal was to spur knitters and crocheters to take on a crafting challenge, be it learning a new technique or tackling a big project in a short timeframe. Ten years later, it’s become a biannual tradition for crafters around the world.

The rules are simple. Participants join teams and choose events based on the project they’re making. Events include Cowl Curling, Hat Halfpipe, and WIPs Dancing, among others. When the opening ceremonies begin at 8 pm in South Korea, knitters and crocheters across the globe cast on their Ravellenic projects and begin their mad dash to the finish line. Projects must be completed by midnight (PyeongChang time) on the last day of the games. Those who complete their projects before the end of the games receive a badge to post to their Ravelry page or blog.

Last year, I bit off more than I could chew and tried to make a sweater for the Ravellenic Games. It did not end well; I have a hard time with project monogamy, and the added pressure of trying to finish in time just sucks all the fun out of knitting. This year, I’m keeping things simple: I really need a matching set of hat and mittens. Accessories are a low-pressure choice for deadline knitting; I have no idea how people make an entire afghan in 16 days!

ravellenic games

I’ll be making the Columbia mittens out of Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok in highland fleece, a cream-colored yarn. While mittens may not sound that difficult, this particular pattern uses my knitting arch-nemesis: cables. I love how cables look, but knitting them makes me crazy (they’re just so dang fiddly!); I’m still challenging myself, just not in a tear-my-hair-out kind of way.

ravellenic games

If everything goes smoothly and I don’t spend the entire time swearing at the cables, I’m hoping to do a hat as well. I haven’t decided on a pattern yet; I’m trying to decide between the Gothic Tam and the Saguaro Blossom Hat from Free Spirit Knits.

ravellenic games

Do I go with quick and easy lace, which I’m sure I can finish? Or do I continue on with cables, to match the mittens? I think it all depends on how well the mittens go; if I learn to love the cable needle (or learn how to cable without a needle), I’ll give the Saguaro Blossom hat a try. If not, I’ll go back to nice, simple, comforting lace and make the Gothic Tam.

Are you joining in on the Ravellenic games? What events are you participating in?

Knit on, knitters,


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