Ravellenic Games 2018: A Winning Finished Object!

For the first time ever in the history of the Ravellenic Games, I actually completed my projects. That makes this a personal best for me! Not only that, but I’ve made my peace with knitted cables. I am now the proud bearer of a matching set of a cabled hat and mittens. It’s better than any old gold medal!

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Behold my beautiful cables.

I’ve already told you all about my Columbia Mittens for the Mitten Moguls event. This week, I wrapped up my second event, Hat Halfpipe, making the Saguaro Cactus Hat. Admittedly, there are a few places where I lost my place in the pattern and messed up the cables a bit, but it’s not so bad that anyone should notice. (Besides, no one should be looking at my head that closely.)

I blocked it using a plastic plate from our camping kit. (Plates are traditionally used for blocking tams and berets; because the plate is flat, it stretches the body of the hat, but not the brim. This creates a hat that has a floppy body and a snug brim.) After trying the hat on salad plates, dinner plates, and random plates from the breakroom, I decided that a 10″ diameter plate was the best “fit” for blocking. The plate slightly stretched the body of that hat as it dried, which opened up the cable pattern nicely.

Blocking makes such a difference!

Et voilà! Hat and mitten set achieved. After years of having mismatched hats and mittens, I finally have a set that goes together. It’s not the most important achievement in the world, but I always feel more polished when all my accessories coordinate; it’s one of those little things that gives you a bit of a confidence boost. Although I don’t have a scarf that matches. Hmmm, maybe I need a cowl as well…

Matching accessories really bring an outfit together.

The big question I was hoping to answer with my Ravellenic projects: will I knit cables in the future? You bet! I love the look of cables; they make such a classic, elegant project, and they’re not as fiddly to work as I thought they were. There are sock and shawl patterns I’ve been avoiding because they have a few knitted cables; now that I have a few cabled projects under my belt, I feel more confident in tackling those patterns. However, I probably won’t ever make an all-over cable project like an Irish fisherman’s pullover —I do have my limits!

The Ravellenic Games are nearly over! Are you going to finish your project in time?

Stitch and win,


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