Rah, Rah, Ruching!

Norma Ruched Knitted Tank by Irina Poludnenk     
The Norma Ruched tank by Irina Poludnenko

I love a bit of well-placed ruching. It can cover a multitude of sins.

There are lots of knitting patterns that feature ruching, but I like the Norma Ruched Tank by Irina Poludnenko. I think this is really a cross between a knitted vest and a tank because it looks great with either a cami underneath or a blouse or tee.

This tank can be worn with the ruching or without, so you have options, which is always a nice feature in your knitted garments.

     Norma Ruched Knit Tank by Irina Poludnenk
Norma tank, "un-ruched"

One of the great things about this top is that it has really nice drape. That's because it's knit in stockinette and reverse stockinette. When you alternate several rows of stockinette with several rows of reverse stockinette you get a wonderfully drapey fabric.

I have a shawl that's knit in this way, and it hangs perfectly on my shoulders. One thing to remember when you're knitting this fabric is to block it lightly, preferably with steam only. If you give it hard wet block, you won't retain the drape because all of the bounciness, if you will, might be blocked flat.

The real star of this pattern, though, is in the ruching. That part is accomplished by knitting eyelet holes in the edges of each front, where buttonbands would normally go.

To make the actual ruching happen, you knit an I-cord, thread it through the eyelets, and pull it as tight as you want it to be to achieve the look you want.

You can leave it "un-ruched" if you want to, as shown at right, but I love the gathered look and the little ruffle that forms as the front is drawn up.

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