Quick Projects: The Pembroke Wrap

IMG_1389Sometimes, you just need a quick-and-easy, instant gratification project. Recently, the assistant editors decided to pull together the Scottish Time Traveler Collection, a collection of patterns inspired by the Outlander series: warm, rustic wraps and accessories for when you’re stuck in the Highlands with a handsome chap. I chose the Pembroke Wrap, a bulky lace shawl. Made in thick and woolly Imperial Yarn Bulky 2 Strand Pencil Roving, it only takes a day or two to knit up. I enjoyed working with this yarn tremendously. It’s a barely-spun pencil roving, which makes it a bit delicate to work with, but the results are so fluffy and squishy! The color, Rich Soil, is hard to photograph; it looks like a dark chocolately brown, but up close it’s a gorgeous mix of reds and purples as well. I love a good heathered yarn!IMG_1394

The shawl is a quick knit, and perfect for wrapping up in on a cold day. (I can attest to the warmth: the day of our photo shoot turned out to be surprisingly grey and bleak–perfect for a Scottish theme, but a bit nippy for standing in an open field!) It’s a lovely accessory for keeping the chills away. What are your favorite quick projects?


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