Quick Knitting Projects from Love of Knitting Winter 2015

Deborah Gerish is the new editor of Love of Knitting, a relatively new addition to the F+W Media family of knitting magazines. Here she is to talk about the brand new Love of Knitting Winter 2015!


LOK_Cover_W15Autumn is my favorite season of the year, but it inevitably turns into winter. Cold weather, short days, and snow all thrill me at first. Handknit sweaters come out of storage. I can go to bed early to snuggle my cats. And who doesn’t enjoy watching the sky from a warm room with a mug of hot chcolate? Winter holidays bring me closer to loved ones as I plan my gift knitting, make candy, and exchange the year’s news. Then winter drags on. And on. And on. Michigan winters from my childhood seemed to last as long as a Game of Thrones winter. So do some of my knitting projects: “Will I ever finish this?” becomes a constant refrain.

So as I line up projects for early 2016, it makes sense to alternate slow knitting with instant gratification. The Winter 2015 issue of Love of Knitting has some delightful quick knitting projects that will keep me warm and help deplete my stash (so I can buy more yarn without guilt). Hats like Reindeer Games and First Snow on Timbers offer stranded colorwork—which I love—in small doses. The Cozy Owl hat and mitts set can use up a small batch of handspun yarn while providing the joy of cables. They’re all the perfect combination of fun knitting and fast results. Plus animals.


I also have to queue up the Linear Links Sweater, because self-striping yarn always adds interest to the knitting process. The Creative Cabled Vest, in a worsted yarn and size 9 needles, will work up beautifully in more of my handspun. (I’ve got a lot of handspun sitting in bins calling to me). Finally, we always set a challenge with Love of Knitting’s Make It Quick projects, but this time it’s extra-special: “Start this project Friday and you’ll be wearing it Monday.” Really? Melissa Leapman’s 26″ x 68″ Creative Chains Wrap with its cool stitch pattern? I’ll have to see it for myself to believe it.

LinearLinksSweater CreativeCabledVest CreativeChainsWrap

Jennifer Burt worked her usual magic putting this Winter issue together. I came in at the end and, while I look forward to editing Love of Knitting, it will be tough to fill her shoes. Please share your thoughts on the magazine as we move into 2016 issues—you can always reach me at Deb.Gerish@fwcommunity.com


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