Quick Knits in Bulky Yarns

There’s something magical about bulky yarn. A project that might take a few days to make using worsted weight comes together in just hours of knitting with bulky yarn. Not to mention bulky yarns tend to be incredibly squishable and remarkably warm, a delightful combination for winter.

I think it’s a really good idea to switch up the kinds of yarn you use and the kinds of projects you make, to give your mind and muscles a change of pace. My hands sigh with relief when I switch from laceweight to bulky because I’m using different muscles, and I tend to loosen the tension I keep in my shoulders when I work with a thicker yarn. If you too need to take a break from some fine yarn work, and go for something on the thicker side, check out our Quick Knits in Bulky Yarns Pattern Pack.

The Pembroke Wrap uses a traditional triangular shawl shape and adds some modern edging. Lace worked in a bulky yarn is fun to make, and the pattern becomes visible quickly! The Grand Palais Shawl is also a triangular shawl knitting pattern, but the body is done in garter stitch. The lace edging is added later, a nice contrast to the body of the shawl.

Pembroke Wrap by Andrea Rangel Grand Palais Shawl by Tanis Gray
Pembroke Wrapby Andrea Rangel Grand Palais Shawlby Tanis Gray

With the Moon Rings Cowl, you use two fun yarns to create an infinity loop. This is a great pattern for showing off some special skeins, and it is worked flat for straightforward knitting! The Mega Scarf has lace and cables, creating a thick, cozy, beautifully textured fabric. Corner tassels add fun and whimsy.

Moon Rings Cowl by Michelle Mattingly Mega Scarf by Deb Newton
Moon Rings Cowlby Michelle Mattingly Mega Scarfby Deb Newton

The Victor Shawl is a generous wrap, perfect for curling up under on cold winter days. A picot cast on and short-row shaping gives this shawl lots of fun shapes and shaping! Also, a 100% alpaca yarn is pretty much the softest thing ever … a win all around!

Victor Shawl by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud
Victor Shawlby Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

All of these shawl knitting patterns will come together quickly and create warm and cozy knitwear. It’s also good to try something new. If you’ve never worked cables or lace or even garter stitch in bulky yarns, there’s no time like the present to give it a try! You might just fall in love with bulky yarn, and I promise, the muscles in your hands and arms will thank you for shaking things up!


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