Quick and Easy Projects: The Frozen No-Sew Fleece Blanket


I'm one of those people who is constantly cold. Come winter, the only place I'm warm is soaking in a hot tub or buried under mountains of blankets in bed. The heat can be cranked to full blast and I can be bundled up to my eyebrows, and I still want a blanket. Being a knitter, my first choice is obviously a knitted blanket; however, knitting a blanket takes a prodigious amount of time. I'll admit that I have two that have been in-progress for several years now, one a sock-yarn scrap blanket–great because I love all the colors and it will be machine-washable; ridiculous because it's a blanket made out of fingering-weight yarn–and one out of cozy alpaca–incredibly soft, but is stretching out as I knit it and washing it may be a challenge. This brings us to a confession-the blanket that lives on my couch is from Ikea. It's a boring tan fleece throw with no personality whatsoever. It doesn't get more non-crafty than that.

I first learned about no-sew fleece blankets from my younger sister, who received one from her now mother-in-law as a graduation present. They're basically two blanket-sized pieces of fleece, snipped along the edges to make strips that you tie together. Simple, but definitely effective! They're great for gifts; you can choose whichever fleece suits the recipient, be it in the colors of their favorite NFL team, a print bedecked with a herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains, or a picture of every little girl's favorite sisters, Anna and Elsa. Instead of taking weeks or months to finish, you can complete one in an evening while watching TV. (As an added bonus, you get to snuggle under it the entire time you're working on it!) Make one for that special cold person in your life!

Get your Disney's Frozen No-Sew Sisterly Love Fleece Blanket Kit today!


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