The Purrrr-fect Knitted Cowl Pattern for Cat Lovers

Today is National Hug Your Cat Day, the perfect time to appreciate felines the world around and in your own home. The observance of this holiday is relatively straight forward.

Step 1: Find cat.

Step 2: Hug (or cuddle, or pet, or whatever that purr-ticular feline prefers).

Want more? Here’s a great way to give virtual hugs to cats in need across America. The Lovecats Cowl Kit, available for a limited time, features a knitted cowl pattern sprinkled with Cat’s Paw Lace motifs. The best part, though? The purchase of the kit helps high-risk felines in need.

The Lovecats Cowl Kit also includes a luxurious, exclusive Lavender Mint lotion bar from Love + Leche, shaped like two kitties cuddles up in a yin-yang position.

Caknitted cowl patternroline Sommerfeld, founder of Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts, was a volunteer with the Meow Foundation, an animal rescue group focusing on stray and abandoned cats, for over 12 years. She developed the Meow and Woof lines of cat- and dog-inspired yarn colorways with the goal of continuing to fundraise for animal charities. If you’d like to learn more about how the money raised from yarn sales is used, check out this Q&A with Caroline.

We at Interweave commissioned a custom colorway of Ancient Arts’ Meow yarn in the Lovecats Cowl Kit, so a portion of all proceeds go straight to the aid of felines in need. In fact, our custom colorway, “Silver Tabby Ursula,” was inspired by Love of Knitting editor Deb Gerish’s own beloved cat, Ursula, who was herself born feral, but was rescued, then spayed.

I’m lucky that Hero, the cat I live with, (my roommate’s cat, but you’d better believe I cuddle her as if she were my own every single day) beautifully matches the Silver Tabby Ursula colorway. Hero loves to cuddle up on anything grey, (pillows, sweatshirts, and even the grey stripes on our multicolored rug) so I know I’ll probably find her using my Lovecats Cowl as a bed.

If you’d like to knit the Lovecats Cowl pattern in a colorway that more closely matches your own feline friend, check out Ancient Arts’ website for yarns inspired by the unique colorations of cat breeds such as Abyssinian, Blue Persian, Calico, Siamese, and more. When choosing a colorway for the Lovecats Cowl, you’ll get the best results if you choose a variegated yarn with a repeating color sequence. Ideally, look for a yarn with repeats of 7-10 inches.

Whatever colorway you choose, the Lovecats Cowl will snuggle you without ever shedding and you can rest assured that there are countless cats out there who greatly appreciate the donation given by Ancient Arts.

Be sure to give your own kitty (or kitties!) some extra cuddles today. If you’re looking for some other ways to combine your love of yarn with your love of furry critters, check out this blog post with resources to help you get started knitting or crocheting for animal charities.

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Start Your Lovecats Cowl Right Meow!


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