Purposefully Dropping Stitches: Cheaper than Therapy

It's a busy time here at Knitscene HQ. We just wrapped up this year's Knitscene Accessories, and I think it's a bit of a doozy. We took pictures for Knitscene Fall earlier this month and next week we're shooting Knitscene Winter (though that issue won't be out until the end of September-ish—I'm just trying to avoid heat exhaustion from shooting a bunch of sweaters in July). Then I head out to TNNA to see what's new and exciting in the world of yarn (so. much. yarn!) and after that, our offices are moving about ten miles north to new digs!

I should probably start packing up soon.

Through all the crazy times, knitting is a constant, even when maybe I should give myself a break and just, you know, sleep or something. When Allyson Dykhuizen announced she'd be hosting a knitalong, for her Fire Opal Tee from Knitscene Spring, I just had to jump in.

And then I decided it would be great if I had it finished for TNNA, so I could wear it around the show. Because I'm insane.

Or am I? I cast on once, realized that the yarn I'm using is a little heavier (more on that in a minute) than the Shepherd Sport that Allyson knit the sample in, had to rip out everything and start again at a smaller pattern size. (You know how I talk about how we should all swatch before starting a project and block our swatches? I blatantly ignored my own advice because I want to wear this sweater right now. Do as I say, everyone, not as I do.)

So now, about a week and a half into knitting it in a slightly smaller size, I've finished the body, knit the back, and am about a third through the front. And the most delightful part?

Raveling all those stitches to create the drop-stitch column. Usually we try to avoid dropped stitches in knitting, but when you make them on purpose and get to sit there and tug the loops out until you get to the bottom? It feels kind of nice. Therapeutic, even. Maybe it's just me.

The yarn is the new Mrs. Crosby yarn—have you seen this yet? I'm using Carpet Bag in the color "A New Leaf," and I'm delighted with the way it knits up. It's so SQUISHY.

New yarn, and very soon, a new knitted pullover for warm weather (I promise, it's really happening, this "spring" thing we've heard so much about.)! Makes the crazy times so much more bearable. 

Happy knitting,

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