Preview Knitting Daily TV!

It's a Monday. That means the weekend is over (boo!) and here we all are at our desks again, feeling a bit o' the Monday blues.

How about a little pick-me-up? Would you like a little Monday treat?

How about a preview of the brand new Knitting Daily TV show?

Yes, I thought you all might like that. Just click on the box below to be transported into the wonderful world of yarn on TV…


Sooooo–what did you think? Are you as excited as I am to see the rest of the show, not to mention the other twelve episodes? Whoo!

(P.S. The sweater shown in the preview is the Shauna Sweater, and yes, you can download the pattern for free!)

I have a confession: I've already seen the first three episodes. (Don't hate me, OK, it's part of my job, right?) I love the Amazing Lace episode (#103), where Louisa Harding (author of Knitting Little Luxuries) shows this extremely clever way to knit the prettiest little flowers. (Download the free pattern for Louisa's little flowers from the Knitting Daily TV site–your regular Knitting Daily login info works there too.)  I mean, it's so easy and fun that I'm sure I could do it without a single bit of swearing. And if Deborah Knight shows me one more ball of luscious Quviut, my resistance will weaken and I will be forced to take along a large dog comb and go find a musk ox somewhere. (It's so cute–she puts this teensy, weensy ball of Quviut on a silver platter to show how special it is, and then shows us pretty things to knit with it. ARGH. Must. Stay. Strong.)

The show starts airing on select public broadcasting stations TODAY, so check the Knitting Daily TV website to see if it is showing in your area. If you just can't wait, however, the entire first season is available for purchase on DVD, also starting today.

I've got a preview copy of the DVD. I feel so deliciously wicked–I am going to sit down with a cold beverage, my knitting, and watch the other ten episodes, straight through. Or at least, that's my plan. Real life might intervene. We Shall See.

How about you?

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.


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