Preview: Interweave Knits Summer 2011!

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Coral Cardigan by Nancy Eiseman  
Bistro Lace Stole by Daniela Nii  
Al Fresco Camisole by Alice Tang  
Mission Cardigan by Erica Schleuter  

A note from Kathleen: Summer is coming, and so is a new issue of Interweave Knits! We've got lacy cardis, intriguing stoles, breezy camis, and terrific tees. All perfect for wearing during the summer, all perfect for knitting in the summer.

Here's editor Eunny Jang to tell you more!

I'm always on the lookout for what I call "Good Knits."

I'm not necessarily talking complicated or time-consuming projects—a Good Knit, in my world, could be entirely in garter stitch.

I'm thinking, instead, of knits that have a certain je ne sais quois, that tweak convention, explore dichotomy, or otherwise make you sit back and think. A new approach to an old stitch, an intriguing construction, an unexpected pairing of technique and silhouette—these are the knits I love most.

Always conscious of how heavy summer can weigh on knitters, we've filled this issue with all the Good Knits we could get our hands on.

Take a look at the projects throughout "Lace Goes Afield": We've collected five luscious lace projects that make lace feel fresh and ready for summer rambles. I especially love Nancy Eiseman's random lace technique, used in the Coral Cardigan—a truly unique approach for building a lace fabric with an organic, wonderfully rustic texture.

In "Mixed Media," I'm in love with Daniela Nii's Bistro Lace Stole, a clever combination of crochet theory and pure knitting technique if I ever saw one. In "Fine Lines," Alice Tang's Al Fresco Camisole shows off an easy after-the-fact faux cable magicked out of dropped stitches. In "Summer Twine," Erica Schleuter works rope cables in stiff linen: a pairing that seems odd but works beautifully in the context of an openwork cardigan.

They're Good Knits, all of them, using curious and satisfying techniques and materials that promise to make the knitting as fun as the finished project is useful.

Read the project introductions throughout this issue and see what tips your own Good Knit-o-meter—maybe it's a particular stitch, or a technique you haven't tried, or a fiber you've always wanted to work with.

Maybe it's just a simple piece that you know you'll like knitting and will wear forever. In any case, cast on and knit forth!

Enjoy the preview and don't forget to subscribe to Interweave Knits now so you don't miss anything!

Happy (Good) Knitting!

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