Presenting the Interweave Knits Fall Galleries

Welcome to the galleries for the fall issue of Interweave Knits (or as I call it the new-classic issue of Interweave Knits). From the very launch of the Knits Galleries, I loved them–as soon as a new issue of Knits came out I watched Knitting Daily like a hawk, waiting to see my favorite sweaters on the gorgeous gallery gals. Now I get to introduce my first galleries to you; I hope you like them.

We're showcasing four sweaters and four models; one model in her 20s (Keira), one in her 30s (Toni), one in her 40s (Brenda), and one in her 50s (Ruth). We want to show you how one garment can span the test of time and look good on many different people of different ages, body types, and skin and hair colors. Each of our models really made the garments their own; selecting the garment itself and then wearing it with their own personal style and panache. 

Click on the photos below and then scroll down to view the fall Knits galleries.

If you haven't gotten your copy of fall 2009 Knits yet, ask for it at your local yarn shop; or purchase it online from us. Get this magazine while it's still available–it's a classic!

Have fun with these, and let us know what you think!




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