Power Knits for a Powerful Wardrobe

Knitscene Spring 2017 is for tough women who kick butt in their work and their playtime. The project stories have beautiful, professional garments for the workplace; timeless pieces that will enhance your hours of labor for the long haul. As an ode to the projects in our Power Knits story – we’ve selected a handful of faves. Which of these would you choose to knit and add to your power packed wardrobe?

Director’s Vest by Erica Schlueter

For a quick-to-knit, professional-looking garment, look no further than the Director’s Vest by Erica Schlueter. The pattern offers 7 sizes, none of which requires nearly as much yarn needed for a full-on sweater—a benefit of not having to knit sleeves! The vest is knit back and forth in pieces from the bottom up and then seamed together. The stitch pattern is so simple—mostly stockinette stitch, with a narrow panel of a simple lace pattern up the center front and in a small square at the back top.

In the magazine, the Director’s Vest is styled with a business-casual kind of outfit, layered over a chambray shirt. It has that “back to school” kind of vibe, which we’re just in time for. The worsted-weight wool that comes in so many brilliant colors has a tweedy look to it, and it knits up nice and quick. Dare I say this vest is a potential weekend project?

Writer’s Top by Teresa Gregorio

As a professional lady in a casual office, I am on a constant quest for what I refer to as “fancier T-shirts.” These are tops that are a step up from ye old graphic tee but aren’t too dressy to wear with jeans. The Writer’s Top by Teresa Gregorio definitely falls into that category. The side-to-side construction creates a great dolman shape, a flattering silhouette on many body types. The graphic feather motif over the shoulder is modern and provides a great opportunity to play with color. It’s also a fun technique to try: Because the top is worked in one piece, the stranded intarsia section is worked as a single block. This top is easy to wear with jeans on the weekend or paired with a pencil skirt for a more formal office. No matter your dress code, there’s a place for the Writer’s Top!

Dean’s Cardigan by Amy Gunderson

Amy Gunderson delivers a knockout knit with her Dean’s Cardigan, found in knitscene Spring 2017. This cardigan features bottom-up construction, applied pockets, and (my personal favorite) applied elbow patches. If you like elbow patches as much as I do, consider making more of these quick-knit appliques and adding them to your favorite garments. Amy enhances this cardigan’s vintage aesthetic with a Crossed Slip Stitch pattern.  A tweed yarn (Universal Yarn Deluxe DK Tweed Superwash) and classic toggle buttons create a refined look for this new spring favorite.

A challenge in this pattern is the “at the same time” instructions.  Don’t let these words intimidate you! You can handle multitasking while knitting.  If you need further guidance, check out this handy article by Kate Atherley that addresses “at the same time.”

Get all of the Power Knits You Can Handle!

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