Power to the Hook and Needle: Hardworking Garments for Hardworking Women

It is not lost on us here at Interweave that March is a celebration of women. Every March, we kick off the month with International Women’s Day, and celebrate Women’s History Month throughout. But we like the idea of celebrating women all the time! As crafters, your making includes embracing challenges, problem-solving, and celebrating the handmade life. This to us, is powerful.

We’ve looked at some recent issues to call out garments that work hard and can stand up to the demands of what it is to be a woman. These projects need to be in your queue, whether you knit or crochet. Why? They will work hard for you, just as you work hard for everyone in your life. Anyone who makes or receives one of these finished objects should feel quite empowered.

While we’ve included wardrobe staples year after year, there are a few issues and patterns that stand out. It’s the addition of vests, sweaters, cardigans, and tops like these that can transform your wardrobe. Each pattern strikes the perfect balance between poised and sophisticated, and yet have enough sass to stop anyone in their tracks.

Channel that magical female strength into creating garments that will bring out your best.

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