POW: Mason’s Hat & Scarf

Mason’s Hat and Scarf are both featured in Interweave Knits Holiday 2016. Worked in a ribbed stitch pattern using Aran-weight yarn, these cold-weather accessories make a quick but smart-looking set. Cables add extra thickness to keep you snug, and a clever cable choice makes these patterns unique—both the hat and the scarf are fully reversible! There’s no unsightly “wrong side” revealed when your scarf gets twisted; the back is as lovely as the front. You can change which side is the “right side” depending on your mood, or just choose one side and make a giant fluffy pom-pom to put on top. However you style it, it’s sure to make a classic statement.


The Studio Donegal Soft Donegal yarn is made exclusively in Donegal, Ireland, in a mill that has been in operation since the 1930s. Like many yarns produced in historical mills, it’s a woolen-spun yarn. Woolen-spun yarns begin with carded roving rather than combed top, so the wool fibers are all jumbled up rather than perfectly aligned in the final yarn. This method of spinning makes the yarn extra lofty and warm—your head and neck will certainly be toasty in this set!

The soft but rustic texture is an excellent choice for men’s winter accessories in particular; it lends a certain rugged quality to the set, and the tiny multicolored nepps add a bit of color without being too gaudy. Make it in a classic neutral sheepy color like grey or taupe for the more restrained people in your life, or go wild and crazy with bright pink or orange. You can knit a matching set or choose a different color for each piece; either way, it’s a fantastic set to surprise a loved one with. Or you can keep if for yourself—a little selfish knitting never hurt anyone. —Laura


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