POW: Knitting the Cask Baskets

Giant Knitting Needles and Instant Gratification

Looking for a quick and easy project after finally finishing all your holiday knitting? Xandy Peter’s Cask Baskets from knitscene Accessories 2015 are just the ticket! These baskets are worked in a super-bulky yarn made of excess fabric from T-shirt factories. knitting basketsRoll-ends—the end sections of fabric that are too small to use commercially— are one of the biggest contributors to fiber waste in the textile industry. Recycling this fabric into yarn prevents it from ending up in landfills. It’s eco-friendly and comes in many great colors; the color selection varies based on the leftover fabric available, so you can have a truly one-of-a-kind project. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can make your own yarn from beloved worn-out T-shirts, or choose a wide array of colors from thrift store finds.

The pattern for these baskets includes directions for three different sizes, making them incredibly versatile. Make the smallest size for stashing your keys by the front door, or add a buttonhole and use it as a yarn bowl. Put the medium-sized basket in the kitchen and store apples in it, and your home suddenly looks like something on Pinterest! (And because these baskets are completely machine washable, they won’t be ruined when your pears get mushy.) The largest size would make a fantastic kitty bed for your fuzzy feline friend. You could also use it to hold your kid’s collection of building blocks, or stack balls of yarn in it as an attractive centerpiece. All three sizes are worked in the round from the top down, so you can decide how tall you want your basket to be as you’re making it.

These baskets are a great beginner project; big needles and super-bulky yarn mean they knit up quickly, and they’re simple enough to complete in an evening. The Cask Baskets are just the instant-gratification project we all need!


knitting baskets

Get it going & finish in no time!

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