POW: Entrelac & Lady Eleanor’s Knitted Stole

entrelac knittingEntrelac is a knitting technique that looks woven but is actually made up of interconnected knitted blocks. Each block is knit individually across the row, then stitches are picked up and worked perpendicular to the previous set of blocks to form the next row of blocks. It’s a fascinating technique with a very distinct appearance. If you’re feeling ambitious, it’s also a great opportunity to learn how to knit backwards! Working backwards means you’re not constantly turning your work, which is helpful when you’re working a bunch of tiny squares (you can always work back and forth using traditional knit and purl rows if you’re more comfortable with that method).
entrelac knitting

If you’re new to entrelac and ready to give it a try, check out our free eBook, How to Knit Entrelac. Former Interweave Knits Editor Eunny Jang explains how to work this unique knitting technique, from casting on to working the blocks to binding off. The eBook also includes six basic projects worked in entrelac so you can hone your skills before undertaking a larger project such as the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Knitted Stole.

Originally featured in Scarf Style, this fabulous wrap uses both entrelac and a gradient yarn to their full advantage. When worked in entrelac, the ombré-dyed yarn transforms into beautiful blocks of color that create a patchwork effect. Our kit contains both the Scarf Style eBook and all the yarn you need for the stole. This wrap is worked in Wisdom Yarns Poems, a single-ply gradient yarn. The Enchanted Forest colorway is reminiscent of a fairytale wood, with teal green, bark brown, and elvish silver.

Wear the Lady Eleanor Knitted Stole on your next adventure to Mordor, or perhaps just to peruse your local art museum. Either way, you’ll have a stunning wrap to show off your new knitting skills!

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