Poll Results: Your Favorite Winter 2007 Projects

Henley Perfected

Thank you for the overwhelming (and very amusing!) responses to the Winter 2007 Project Poll: What project(s) are you excited to cast on for? I had so much fun reading the comments and seeing what you thought of the new Winter patterns!

Without further ado, here are your top ten patterns from Winter Knits 2007, in order:

One: Henley Perfected

Two: Celtic Tote

Three: Gathered Pullover

Four: Refined Aran Jacket

Celtic Tote

Five: Ivy League Vest

Six: Sweater Girl Pullover

Seven: Rosemary's Swing Jacket

Eight: Brushed Lace Cardigan

Nine: Logan River Wrap

Ten: Citrus Yoke Pullover

You can view photos of all the Winter Knits projects on the online preview.

I will point out that 7% of you declined to choose a pattern, saying that you were on a Project Diet. Perhaps a moment of applause for these finely self-disciplined knitters, everyone! I admire each and every one of you in that 7%.

However, I have no such self-control. I told you on Wednesday that I had fallen in love with four patterns…but that was before I tried on Rosemary's Swing Jacket and saw the photos of how it looked on me. So I'd like to change my vote to five projects, if you all don't mind. As for my other four new-found loves—Gathered Pullover, Celtic Tote, Refined Aran Jacket, and Henley Perfected—it looks as though many of us all have the same tastes in projects.

Gathered Pullover

I don't know if I will actually knit all five, but I did decide that if I had to start somewhere, I wanted to start with the Gathered Pullover, since that is the one project where the sample sweater is unavailable for our Sweater Gallery later this month. I'm really curious to see how the cable-in-the-center will work for a busty gal such as myself. So yesterday involved a trip to Woolen Treasures, the local yarn shop (where a purely adorable new shop kitten named Patrick now reigns supreme over the bins and shelves of wools), and last night, I started swatching. (Yes, Nicholas dear, I promise I will have your hoodie done by Christmas…but maybe I could just knit a little bit on my pullover inbetween, just as a diversion?)

Cap'n Frog waits to see if he will be needed

I'll post photos of my progress for you as things move forward with Ms. Gathered. I am thinking I will knit it as written, just to see how it looks, with photos provided for all of you to let me know what you think. Then, if the results are not totally pleasing on my particular curves, I'll invite Cap'n Frog in for a bit, and we can do some hopefully-clever customizations. I don't know. We Shall See. Stay Tuned.

(What color did I choose? Predictably: Purple.)

Coming Up on Knitting Daily

Next week on Knitting Daily, we'll be hosting three very special Guest Star Editors:

Monday, Nov. 12: Amy Clarke Moore, editor of Spin-Off magazine, will talk about a sweater that has been ten years in the making…plus she will probably try to seduce some of you into the wonderful world of spinning your own yarns.

Wednesday, Nov. 14: Kim Werker, editor of Interweave Crochet, talks to knitters about making beautiful, stylish, non-dumpy crochet.

Next Week: Guest Star Lisa Shroyer and more!

Friday, Nov. 16: Lisa Shroyer, editor of Knitscene magazine, talks about what it is like to study knitting patterns for a living.

Please join us as these three very different, very talented women share their love of yarn and all things stitchy with us, and also manage to give me a teensy tiny (gasp!) vacation all at the same time!

A vacation!? Yes, I'm taking a little time off whilst our Guest Stars entertain you. I will be in Toronto, Canada, visiting loved ones, knitting happily away on something pretty, and (no doubt) fondling some Canadian yarn. I'll be back with more knitting adventures before you even have a chance to notice I'm gone.

During Thanksgiving week: We'll have a tiny treat for everyone; and just so you know: There will be only one Knitting Daily post that week.

Then on Monday, Nov. 26, We'll be back to our usual schedule with The Winter Knits Galleries! We've chosen several of the sweaters from the Winter 2007 issue for the Women of Interweave West to try on and model for you, so you can see the sweaters on a variety of different body shapes. Katie Himmelberg, style editor of Knitscene, and assistant editor of Knits, will be walking us through some helpful styling tips for different body types. Don't miss the fun!

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? I solemnly promise to finish the Hubby Hoodie in time for Christmas, however: I am swatching for the Gathered Pullover at the moment. (See how good I'm being?) And fear not: The Lace Socks are in the Meditation Bin for only a short time; there is one more technical problem with said sockies which I shall share with y'all once I have meditated upon it for a bit.

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