Pockets Make All Things Better

Pockets are truly fantastic. I have a tough time with the ladies' fashion trend of pocket-less pants, seriously, what's with that? Or pockets that are too small for anything remotely resembling something we might actually want to carry around. Cargo pants have long been a mainstay in the men's department, and I'm happy to say that big pockets have been migrating into women's wear. But still, the norm for pockets on ladies' clothing is often not ideal.

Which is why making your own pockets is perfect! We've had several garments in recent Knitscene issues featuring pockets, and we dedicated an entire story to them in Knitscene Spring 2015. In Stereoscope looks at the three dimensionality of pockets, and the style they can add to knitwear. Karen Frisa's technical article, Put a Pocket on It, talks about three of the best ways to make pockets, and is an excellent introduction to adding pockets to your own designs.

A good kangaroo pocket is a mainstay of cozy sweaters and sweatshirts. Not only can you keep your hands warm, but you can carry around stuff and things in an easily accessible way. These pockets can be made more or less full, depending on how much you want them to hold!

Kangaroo Pocket on Hope Vickman's Vergence Sweater

Horizontal slit pockets are stylish and functional. They are also an ideal blank canvas for fun and interesting stitch patterns to add some pizzazz to your garments. The Focus dress features slouchy cables on the pockets, while the Prismatic Pullover's pockets have both ribbing and seed stitch.

Horizontal Slit Pockets on Meiju K-P's Focus Dress Horizontal Slit Pockets on Moon Eldridge's Prismatic Pullover

Before the sweater I am currently working on, which has vertical slit pockets, patch pockets were the only kind I'd ever made. They are straightforward and simple, and can be applied after the rest of your garment is complete. Make a shape and attach it wherever and however you would like! The Chiroscope Clutch has a half-octagon pocket on the inside, a fun shape, simply done!

Patch Pocket on Allison Jane's Chiroscope Clutch

The vertical slit pocket is like a half kangaroo pocket; it only has one opening rather than two. Quenna Lee's Voxel Tee has one vertical slit pocket, playing along withe the beautiful asymmetry of this sweater. This type of pocket often blends in with the rest of the garment, making it a neat hidden bonus.

Vertical Slit Pocket on Quenna Lee's Voxel Tee

There are so many great ways to customize your knits so that they express you perfectly. Pockets are a fun and functional way, and can often make a sweater pop in a way that a non-pocketed sweater might not. Learning pocket basics also means that you can show said same non-pocketed sweater some pocket love! With it being winter and all, pockets are especially nice for handwarming purposes, while the rest of the year they are great for carrying your small essentials. Going purse/bag-less can be liberating, and pockets help enable said liberation!

If you are looking for other be-pocketed garments, check out Knitscene Fall 2014 and Interweave Knits Summer and Fall 2014. There are lots of great garments, and tons of inspiration for how you can put some pockets on other patterns that you love.

Happy (pocket) knitting!

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