Pizza and Knitting – Let Us Help You Find Your Match!

What do pizza and knitting having in common? More than you think. They both have a bunch of ‘ingredients’ that come together to make something absolutely delicious. What you like in one might help you with what you like in the other. To prove it, we pulled together this quick quiz. You pick the ingredients for your pizza and we’ll help you find your next knitting pattern. Take the quiz to find your match!

1. Pick Your Crust:

2. Pick Your Sauce:

3. Pick a Cheese:

4. Pick a Meat:

5. Pick a Veggie:

6. Pick One More Topping:

Bonus: What Would You Drink with Your Pizza?

Find Out More About Your Perfect Match:

Puck’s Tunic by Susanna IC, from Interweave Knits Summer 2017

Hiking Henley by Melissa Leapman, from Love of Knitting Summer 2017

Rau Sweater by Quenna Lee, from knitscene Summer 2017

Lucy Hat by Carina Spencer, from knitscene Winter 2012

Essential Cardigan by Laura Grutzeck, from Interweave Knits Summer 2010

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