Pintuck Cardigan KAL Wrap-Up: knit.purl ePatterns Available!

The Pintuck Cardigan by Bristol Ivy (knit.purl Fall/Winter 2014) is an elegant yet wearable piece knit with insanely soft and touchable yarn. The knit-along that began in the fall is now concluded, though I know there are still some participants whose projects are underway. Looking through the forum, I have seen lots of pretty colors and varying yarns for the projects, and am impressed with those have learned new things from the pattern. Keep knitting and learning, friends! 

Here’s my final Pintuck Cardigan:

pintuck cardigan knit along bristol ivy knit.purl fall/winter 2015 pintuck cardigan knit along bristol ivy knit.purl fall/winter 2015

I used HiKoo Rylie in the Periwinkle colorway. Overall I found this pattern really enjoyable to knit—it is knit back and forth, mostly in stockinette, with a “pintuck” pattern along the fronts and sleeve edges. As you can see, my sleeves are a little too long (woops!). I’ve thought about shortening them, and I think if there is a day when I don’t have any projects on the needles, I’ll muster some courage and take out the sleeve seam, frog back several inches, and begin the sleeve cap shaping an inch or two earlier than I did originally. They aren’t so long that I can’t stand them, but I know it’d be more comfortable if they were shortened just a bit.

Did you knit the Pintuck Cardigan? Are you currently working on it? I’d love to see pictures! If you haven’t, would you like to? Luckily, the stand-alone pattern is now available, as are the rest of the patterns from knit.purl Fall/Winter 2014!

There are lots of fantastic projects in the premiere issue of knit.purl (formerly knit.wear). I love the Chevron Cardigan by Michele Wang, and think it’s a great option for a quick, bulky cozy project. The Ply List Sweater by Michelle Hunter looks like a really fun project because of the technique used—Navajo three ply knitting. This simple technique allows you to change from the one strand of yarn to three strands held together throughout the project (and back to one), without having to use three separate balls of yarn. Navajo three-ply knitting is explained in this issue's Technique Lab article written by the designer. 

Chevron Cardigan

Michele Wang

Ply List Sweater

Michelle Hunter

The colorwork in the Try a Little Contrast story is absolutely beautiful, and since I’m not terribly familiar with colorwork, I’d love to try out the Tilting Fair Isle Mitts by Mary Gehling, as they are on a smaller scale than something like a sweater. The colors are gorgeous, and I love the tilting that happens by working short-rows. And it has a hat to match! Beautiful!

Which pattern from knit.purl have you been itching to knit? 

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