PieceWork Magazine: the Perfect Gift!

A lace-knitted bag inspired by the designs of Herbert Niebling. Photograph by Joe Coca.
Traditional knitted Norwegian mitts. Photograph by Joe Coca.
Linen hand towels with 17th-century motifs and stitches. Photograph by Joe Coca

A note from Kathleen: I give a bunch of gift subscriptions every year (Everyday Food is a perennial favorite—I wish someone would give me a gift subscription, though!). I think they're the perfect gift because you can give people magazines that are perfect for their interests. There really are so many magazines out there for hobbyists—woodworking, home repair, do-it-yourself whatever, cooking, baking, writing—sky's the limit!

Of course, I also give Interweave Knits, Cloth Paper Scissors, and one of my favorite gift subscriptions: PieceWork. It's such a beloved magazine, and it's so fun to give a gift that truly keeps giving all year!

Here's PieceWork editor Jeane Hutchins to tell you all about what's coming up next year.

Dear Knitting Friends,

I truly am a magazine junkie, and one of my favorite gifts to receive is a magazine gift subscription. For decades, I knew I could count on my Aunt Bonnie to come through each holiday with my New Yorker subscription. I was just as delighted that year as I had been the year before.

And just as delightful as receiving a subscription is giving one to a friend or family member. There are the typical reasons, of course—they're inexpensive, easy to order, and they're a gift that will last all year.

Perhaps the most important reason is discovering the perfect magazine for each person. If you have someone on your list who loves needlework and its historical context, they will love a subscription to PieceWork.

When you give PieceWork as a gift, your friend or loved one will discover the history of needlework and hear the stories of those who have passed the wonderful techniques of knitting, crocheting, embroidery, tatting, and so much more from generation to generation.

The photos at right are a few of my favorite PieceWork projects from this year. And here's just a glimpse of what they'll see next year:

  • Grace Coolidge and the story of her knitted counterpane
  • Sweden's traditional two-end knitting
  • The interesting place needlework has had in literature
  • Looped string bags from New Guinea
  • A stunning crocheted butterfly designed by English author Flora Klickmann
  • The significance of wool, beginning with the 11th-century Bayeux Tapestry
  • Carrickmacross lace from Ireland

There's really no other magazine like PieceWork! And when you give a gift of PieceWork, you'll get a free gift for yourself. See below for details!  

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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