Pie, you said?!

(Interweave Knits editor Lisa Shroyer wrote a lovely blog post about Pies and Pullovers and Thanksgiving-y goodness. We here at Knitscene figured if a few pies were good, more pies would be even better.)

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is, in our modern times, a celebration of food. No presents to buy, no songs to sing, just time to elbow your way up to the table to make sure you get sweet potatoes before they run out. Pie, as we all know, is the traditional Thanksgiving dessert, which works out well for me because pie is my favorite thing to make and conveniently my favorite dessert to eat. Crust is so simple: flour, butter, water, salt. But the filling can be so complex! Fruit, custard, nuts, meringue, some combination thereof.

I grew up in a pie strong household…to this day nothing says home like my dad's recipe for chicken pot pie. I started making pies as thank yous for friends and family when I was middle and high school age. Apple and peach were my favorites. Sophomore year of college I went Maine apple picking with friends and then baked pies. Actually, that happened a few times! Midnight pie baking pre-Thanksgiving was a yearly occurrence at the bakery where I worked in Maryland. The baking and pastry program in culinary school found us making tarts and pies to the extreme…so many, with so many different flavors!

One of the things that attracts me to pie making is that you have a lot of artistic choices to make. Filling? Lattice crust? Solid crust with cut outs? Crumble topping? Crimped edges, or forked, or rolled? There are a lot of decisions that come together to make an edible piece of art: pie is an expression of the pie maker, just as knitwear is an expression of the knitter. Pattern or winging it? Needles? Yarn? Sub categories of yarn: fiber content? Color(s)?

Pie making in Maine (during college) A French apple tart (culinary school)

Whether you're baking or knitting, you're creating. And very often, creating things to share. I'm pretty sure the "love people, cook them tasty food" bumper stickers are so popular because cooking for people is one of the best expressions of love and appreciation. As is knitting! I don't know about you, but I don't knit for people I don't like a whole heck of a lot. And chances are if I'm baking you a pie, I think you're pretty swell.

Pies in progress! Gratuitous photo of pies

So this Thanksgiving, I hope you take time out from your pie making, project knitting, and general celebration to really think about what you are creating. Food and knitting are art! And that's pretty cool. If you're looking for your next creations, we have some amazing sales in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sometimes we all need some pie…wait, I mean inspiration…to get us through the holiday season.

Laura, Hannah, and Amy…knitwear and pie…

From the Yarn Group, have a very happy pie and knitwear filled Thanksgiving!

P.S. – Shout outs to all of you whose photos I borrowed for this post! You know who you are!

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